Zilliqa [ZIL] Working with Decentralized Games’ Creator EMONT Alliance for Scalability Solution


The decentralized games’ developer EMONT Alliance is working with the Zilliqa team to explore the platform for scalability solution and to offer a better user experience to players.

EMONT alliance exploring Zilliqa [ZIL]

The blockchain-based games’ creator EMONT Alliance that has developed popular decentralized games like Ethermon and EMONT Frenzy are exploring the Zilliqa blockchain to offer a better experience to its players.

Zilliqa took to Twitter to announce that they are working with the EMONT Alliance for scalability solutions.

Zilliqa is a public blockchain platform which has been developed with the aim to scale thousands of transactions per second. It further claims to be “tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralized apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms.”

Reportedly, the plan is to leverage the low-cost structure of the platform as tweeted by Zilliqa,

“Decentralised games require frequent transactions and both teams hope that the higher-throughput and lower gas costs on Zilliqa will bring about a better gaming experience for game players. We look forward to working closely with @EMONTAlliance and sharing our progress”

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Better experience for players

In its official blog, Ethermon details about the issue they are targeting i.e. the high gas price which is limiting their players’ gaming experience. With the gas price shooting up to 100 Gwei recently, they are looking for a scalability solution. Talking about their short-term approach, they are going off-chain while syncing the rewards to Ethereum network intermittently.

As for the long term, they are working with Zilliqa team to explore its network for a scalability solution as, “the higher throughput and low gas of Zilliqa’s sharding solution offer players the better experience.” The blog further talks about what these changes will mean for the players that you can read here.

Being a project that is aimed towards solving the scalability issues through sharding solution, Zilliqa seems to be the best choice for the EMONT Alliance. Recently, Zilliqa released its testnet version which is another progressive step to its growth. In the past 7 days, Zilliqa price also experienced a good movement as shown here in the chart.

The world’s 25th largest cryptocurrency is currently in the green at $0.0849 with a gain of 0.89 percent while running in the red in the BTC and ETH market. With a market cap of $643 million, this cryptocurrency is the most active on Upbit, Binance, Huobi, and BitForex exchanges while managing a daily trading volume of about $44 million.

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