Zilliqa Testnet V2 Ready to Empower Zilliqa Ecosystem


Xinshu Dong, the CEO of Zilliqa Project has been one of the most transparent guys on the crypto street. The man at the helm of Zilliqa project, an open source blockchain whose aim is to achieve high scalability levels and remain decentralized, has been continuous and regular with the project updates.

Zilliqa has been considered a good bet for 2018 as is set to revolutionize the smart contract aspect of blockchain technology through its sharding technology even challenging the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

TestNet V2 to support Scilla

Xinshu mentioned that the team has been busy in preparation to release the latest version of its testnet which will now be supporting Scilla, Zilliqa ’s new smart contract language that is about to bring a new level of security to decentralized applications that run on its blockchain. Scilla has been designed as a principled language with smart contract safety in mind. This will make applications running on Zilliqa less vulnerable to attacks by eliminating certain known vulnerabilities directly at the language-level.

The launch of Scilla aligns with Zilliqa’s long-term vision which is to not only provide a scalable and more secure infrastructure for smart contract applications but also to facilitate the development of new types of applications that can push the boundaries of existing smart contract applications.

The team has also been working in parallel on documenting Scilla both on the language side and how to use the interpreter and the different accompanying tools. They are using readthedocs to write the documentation and the repository will soon be made public.

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Other updates

Apart from Scilla’s support, the CEO has also put light on certain major updates giving us insights on what the team has been putting their brains. He announced a  couple of Dapp’s that are now powered by Zilliqa which include

  • Spokkz an initiative by Spuul — an over-the-top provider of video streaming content in 180 countries with an existing user base of over 57 million users. Spokkkz is a Film and TV Blockchain Ecosystem.
  • Bolt, an open entertainment network that aims to revolutionize ways to access content, data and education resources, powered by blockchain technologies.

He also gave a few tech updates which included focusing on the implementation of the coinbase mechanism to reward miners, NAT resolver for new nodes joining and the smart contract layer. The team has also made various progress in four related areas on the smart contract front- Interpreter and language, IDE and Wallet/Block Explorer Integration, Interpreter Invoker and Scilla Documentation

He also updated on Zilliqa’s USD 5 million developer grant program to build platform. The program will give developers non-dilutive funding, technical support, and an opportunity for recognition.

With a challenging vision in place and some great progressive updates, Zilliqa definitely looks a coin that has a bright future. But one question still remains  ‘will Zilliqa maintain its current performance and for how long?’.

Will Zilliqa continue to progress at the same pace in its quest to challenge Bitcoin and Ethereum? Do let us know your views on the same

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