Zcoin [XZC] Ties Up With Midas Protocol


Zcoin recently made an announcement regarding its collaboration with Midas wallet, a decentralized portfolio and asset management platform. The collaboration will give to Midas a competitive edge. It will help clients to make more private transactions. Not only this but it also leads to community building in ASEAN region.

Midas now an all in one platform:

On collaboration, Dr. David Nguyen Vu, Chairman and CFO of Midas Protocol commented,

“Zcoin has one of the most capable privacy and security research teams. The collaboration with Zcoin will help strengthen our research on security, offering Zcoin in our Midas Wallet for clients that require more private transaction will give to Midas Ecosystem a competitive advantage. We are so looking forward to strengthening the global adoption for both Zcoin and Midas”

Midas Protocol, is a blockchain solutions company that is currently offering a token sale to produce a tool for traders to exchange, invest, trade, manage, and spend crypto-assets. Whereas ZCoin claims that it solves the privacy problem that has been reportedly found in all previous cryptocurrencies. It implements a protocol named ZeroCoin, that basically allows users to have complete privacy through cryptographic proofs called Zero-Knowledge proof. Zero-Knowledge proofs allow users to show ownership of a ZCoin coin without making it mandatory to reveal the ownership of a coin.

Thus the collaboration gives a perfect competitive edge to Midas wallet. Midas Protocol has always aimed to become the smartest universal wallet for all essential crypto needs, right from safekeeping, easy conversion, portfolio management, intelligent trading to fiat and spending of cryptocurrencies. Collaboration with Zcoin will help it to serve as an all in one platform.

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Both emerge as leading players in ASEAN region:

Zcoin revealed about the partnership through an official tweet which read,

“Zcoin $XZC partners with Midas Protocol @MidasProtocol to provide all in one platform for cryptocurrency storage, trading, conversion to fiat and portfolio monitoring.”

As both are the players in the ASEAN region the partnership between Midas Protocol and Zcoin will promote priority integration into the Midas protocol platform, staking of Znodes on Midas platform and various other possible future joint developments. It will also widen the scopes for cross promotion and cross marketing.

All this will ultimately lead to collaboration in community building in ASEAN region (Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia).

What are your views on Zcoin’s collaboration with Midas?

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