Following the #WorldCup? Win $100 in Bitcoin (UK & EU only)

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Wirex has launched a great promo game that gives every #WorldCup lover a chance to start accumulating Bitcoin.

If you are following the football World Cup and wanted to buy some Bitcoin for a long time, here’s a great chance to get some Bitcoin for free.

Wirex (currently the best Bitcoin debit card provider for UK and EU) is starting a promo game where everything you have to do is sign up for their FREE VISA debit card, follow them on Instagram and make a post with a hashtag. That’s like 5 minutes’ worth of work to get started with your Bitcoin investment.

So here’s all you have to do:

1) Sign up to Wirex and verify your account.

2) Order your FREE debit card from the user dashboard:

wirex order cards in the dashboard

3) Follow them on Instagram:

4) Upload ANY funny image, gif or a video to Instagram with a hashtag #WirexWorldCup

Do that before Sunday 15th July and you can be one of the three winners to get $100 worth of Bitcoin.

What’s awesome is if you spend the Bitcoin you win in stores and pubs (VISA card from Wirex lets you do that as it’s funded by Bitcoin), you will be getting 0.5% of the amount spent back to your account. Currently no other crypto debit card provider (link to comparison) does a cashback program similar to that.

> Sign up to Wirex to win Bitcoin <<


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