Working BTC/altcoin debit cards Google Sheet

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Since we follow the Bitcoin debit card news closely (we believe working ATM cards are crucial for adoption), we’ve put together a quick Google spreadsheet to check the status of cryptocurrency debit cards. Here it is:

The spreadsheet contain all the data from the detailed Bitcoin debit card comparison, but presented in a more concise way (some columns are removed not to clutter it).

Commenting is enabled, so if you wish to suggest a correction – please feel free to comment right in the spreadsheet. We will be checking the document regularly and updating the info in it. Stay tined!

  1. Ken Raphael says

    Why is Centra card shown as coming soon when there are actual users currently using the card. It has already shipped shipped titanium cards to its first batch of top contributors and videos of those actual users using the cards are freely available on Youtube with a simple search. And its a lot of people, too numerous to simulate I believe. Please look into it and update if you find this to be the case.

    1. Staff says

      Will look into it. Thanks for the input Ken.

  2. Ronald Regnier says

    I have looked up reviews of customer experience with; Bitnovo, Mistertango, ePayments, Worldcore, Wagecan — 80% give highly negative ratings for each FYI.

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