Wirex debit card for Bitcoin goes LIVE for UK, then EU!

Finally after the WaveCrest ban, all the fuzzy updates and ICOs promising things (1, 2, 3), a debit card provider finally comes out with a working card that lets you load and spend Bitcoin.

It’s Wirex.

Before you read on, please get on the waiting list for the new Wirex account fall back behind everyone else:
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Wirex has just announced the coming of the following in March 2018:

  • New updated currency accounts with the ability to buy Bitcoin;
  • Virtual cards – immediately according to the timeline,

Next milestones:

  • Plastic contactless Bitcoin cards – within the next 4-5 weeks (by the end of April basically)
  • Wallets for Dash & litecoin, then – Ether, Ripple and more.
  • Worldwide debit cards

The timeline of user registration is the following:

March 12-17:

UK waiting list users. This is the time to get your bitcoin debit card for UK – sign up here to get it

March 20-24:

Accounts open for France, Italy, Germany. This will let everyone from these countries spend Bitcoin with a debit card.

March 26-31:

Accounts open for the rest of the EU: Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Norway and more.

Releasing a financial product is a responsible and complicated task where many things can go wrong.

Looks like Wirex is being cautious with its’ users, hence the conservative release timeline.

But the best part is – looks like they got everything already works and only in 2 days UK users will be able to spend their Bitcoin using virtual cards, and 1 month later – physical ATM cards.

Who else will release their cards soon?

Wirex is currently the leader of the debit card race – whoever follows them will have to get competitive.

The promising players are Bitwala and Spectrocoin/Bankera, and if they release their products to a larger list of countries right from the start they will have a great advantage over Wirex.

In any case – the more cards the better for Bitcoin adoption, we wish a smooth launch process to all bitcoin debit card providers!

P.S. Make sure you sign up to Wirex to get alerted when your turn for a prepaid Bitcoin card comes.

P.P.S. Check this table summarizing all debit card providers, so far thousands of users have found it useful.

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