Why is $ARK going up and being so bullish in general?

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After the “pump and dump ark” post we’ve been getting a lot of comments on how good the project is and how wrong we are. The tech is amazing, the team is responsive, ARK is the future, bla bla bla.

We get it.

The tech can be great, everything can be really glossy – after the sheer amount of failed pump and dump projects, bad PR and embarrassing hacks you’d think there would be a team that makes sure everything is smooth. The team behind Ark could be the one.

Yet even along a technically flawless and innovative project the respective coin could a pump and dump thingie. There is no contradiction here.

The coins, being cryptocurrencies, grow in value due to widening adoption and increasing trust. Everything else (news, tech, AMAs, whale ops etc.) are basically pump and dump schemes. We are not using it as a derogatory term – just a name that could serve as a warning to newbies.

There were other comments saying how well $ark does on exchanges despite all other cryptocurrencies going through violent corrections. Why is $ark so bullish?

Here’s the simplest answer to that:

Simple as that. Very little fraction of Ark is traded, it’s immune to the market fluctuations. Which, said in other words, would be – “they just pump it properly”.

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