Why Delete Coinbase? The Storming “Delete Coinbase” Movement Explained & Top Tweets

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A recent movement is taking crypto Twitter and beyond by storm – it’s called “Delete Coinbase” and the point is to log in to one’s Coinbase account and delete it, posting a screenshot of the final splashscreen.

The reasons for Coinbase deletion are mainly political – the exchange has been engaging in questionable activities for a while already. Read our Coinbase review for more info on that – questionable altcoin bundling, promotion of cheaper coins to “buy a whole coin” instead of BTC, strict KYC, customer support problems and on down the list.

The latest event that triggered the “Delete Coinbase” movement, however, was the acquisition of Neutrino, a blockchain analytics company. Founding members of Neutrino were responsible for the Hacking Team startup that used to sell spyware to governments.

The message of the “Delete Coinbase” movement is that Coinbase is authoritarian, statist, looks to spy on its’ users, will employ any shady tactics for profit, and does not care about anything Bitcoin stands for.

The #DeleteCoinbase movement took off on twitter and some of the prominent “crypto-celebs” took part in it. Here’s a list of some of the top tweets from the “Delete Coinbase” wave, – some will make you laugh, some will make you think, but all will give you a further idea on why you should delete your Coinbase account:

Coinbase was reported to prevent users from deleting their accounts. Here’s a video of account deletion attempt not going through:

#DeleteCoinbase shirts and hats:

Pretty cool – the map of all social media interactions with the #DeleteCoinbase hashtag:

Vice comes in with snarky titles:


Coinbase withdrawal problems

Interestingly enough, Coinbase is not allowing withdrawals for unverified users anymore – no matter what amount of crypto they want to take in or out, verification is requested:

coinbase locks funds withdrawals impossible

There are no reasons to send your official IDs to a company that has a team of privacy-violating hackers on board. Well, unless you have a large amount of funds locked up there for some reason.

As a result we definitely recommend staying away from Coinbase. A company of that size and ambition is getting political in their decision-making sooner or later.

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