Verge (XVG) ‘Penetrates’ Market with Pornhub Partnership


Pornhub, a pornographic video sharing website and one of the largest pornography sites on the internet, has officially announced a partnership with privacy-focused cryptocurrency Verge (XVG).

‘Penetrating the Market’

According to an official announcement from the Montreal-founded pornography hub, users are now able to pay for Pornhub’s premium subscription with XVG. The cryptocurrency will also be accepted by popular sister sites Brazzers and Nutaku. Reads the announcement:

The future has come. In our efforts to keep current with our community’s privacy and payment preferences, Pornhub will now be accepting Verge as a means of payment for services like Pornhub Premium and more, on our platforms. Building on Verge’s core values of security, anonymity and practicality, the introduction of this cryptocurrency as a means of payment Pornhub signifies an important foray into the future from the industry that is always on the cutting edge of technology.

Pornhub’s vice president, Corey Price, also told The Verge (no relation):

We’ve been looking at crypto for quite some time […]  overall adoption is relatively low, we think it has gained enough steam for us to penetrate the market.

Verge - 'Penetrating the Market'

Greasy Palms

Pornhub’s foray into digital currency has been well-received by the Verge community, who have been expecting a revolutionary announcement from the project following the team’s promise “to announce efforts to establish the largest cryptocurrency collaboration to hit the market” and subsequent soliciting of donations.

Though some naysayers may claim that the announcement isn’t a particularly big deal, it is hard to deny that the privacy coin’s acceptance on some of the biggest pornographic websites in the world is a use case worth bragging about — especially for those unwilling to fork over their credit card information for a premium subscription.

Immediately after the announcement was made, however, the price of XVG plummeted from just under $0.12 to under $0.07 — though, admittedly, buying the rumors and selling the news is commonplace in the cryptocurrency space, as speculators look to profit from the FOMO (fear of missing out) of others.

At the time of this writing, XVG is currently trading at $0.08.

What do you think about Verge’s partnership with Pornhub? Do you think it’s an announcement worthy of the hype, or do you find it a bit flaccid? Let us know in the comments below!

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