$1.5 Billion VeChainThor Blockchain Releases a Revised Timeline


VeChainThor has heard its community and in response releases a revised timeline for the details on the launch of VeChainThor wallet, token swap, X Node binding among other details. Meanwhile, the prices are enjoying the greens while being up by over 10 percent.

“Your voice has been heard”

VeChainThor has released a revised and more clear timeline for the upcoming events. Just a few days back, VeChain officially released the VeChainThor blockchain.

When we first captured the VeChainThor’s timeline for the mainnet launch, token swap, wallet release among other updates, we mentioned how the VeChainThor community has been confused about the schedule and asking for clarity. Well, VeChainThor team has certainly put an ear to the user’s request as they stated: “Your voice has been heard.”

In its revised timeline, VeChainThor outlines the wallet that will be the portal to the dapps that will run on the VeChainThor Blockchain. The team seems to be extremely enthusiastic and optimistic about its developments as it mentions in its official blog,

“This wallet will be chock full of features, services, and opportunities that the word wallet may even be limiting.”

Apparently, Wallet is an integral part of VeChainThor’s vision, hence they are planning to make it the “most secure wallet” in the market. They aim to make VET a migratable asset that can be integrated with third-party wallets with ease while retaining the X Node status in the process.

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VeChainThor wallet & token swap updates

A number of other updates shared are:

  • July 9 is the release date for VeChainThor Wallet
  • The release date of VeChainThor Ledger application will be confirmed most likely in early August.
  • The token swap services will be made available by exchanges to users by mid-July
  • X Node Binding service will be made available from “July 9th until 10 days after the VeChainThor Ledger app is available for migration”
  • Mobile token swap service starts the day X Node Binding service ends
  • Three weeks after the mobile token swap service, X Node monitoring will resume
  • Token holders will be compensated with VTHO by VeChain Foundation for the X Node binding and token swap period for which further details will be announced later

The blog further provides information on X Node binding, that can be read here.

The $1.5 billion market cap cryptocurrency has embarked on a new journey with VeChainThor blockchain launch. At the time of writing, it has been at $2.82 price level with a rise of 10.53% in the past 24 hours while in the positive in BTC and ETH market as well.

What are your views on the revised timeline of VeChainThor? Let us know in the comment section below!

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