U.S. Regulators Subpoena Bitfinex, Tether


This is a megathread for all news related to US regulators subpoenaing Bitfinex and Tether. All related posts on the frontpage will be removed in favor of this megathread to focus conversation.

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The dates were updated since the news first went out, but the news is still relevant and the implications may still be large. They received a subpoena on 6 December 2017.

“U.S. Regulators Subpoena Crypto Exchange Bitfinex, Tether” – Bloomberg

“Bitfinex and Tether said to be subpoenaed by CFTC” – ForexLive

“Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex reportedly subpoenaed by top regulator” – Business Insider

“Bitcoin crashes anew as Bitfinex, Tether probed” – Macro Business

“Regulators subpoena Tether and Bitfinex” – Mashable

“Report: CFTC Sends Subpoenas to Bitfinex, Tether” – CoinDesk

“Why Tether’s Collapse Would Be Bad for Cryptocurrencies” – WIRED

“Financial regulators subpoena major bitcoin exchange: report” – The Hill

“Bitfinex, Tether Get Subpoenas From US Regulators” – CoinTelegraph

“Tether and Bitfinex Crypto Companies Subpoenaed by U.S. Regulators” – Investopedia

“CFTC Looking Into Bitfinex and Tether As Digital Tokens Face Scrutiny” – NASDAQ

“Tether Reportedly Subpoenaed by CFTC” – ETH News

“U.S. regulator subpoenas cryptocurrency platforms Bitfinex and Tether: source” – Reuters

“How Bitfinex, Tether are raising eyebrows in the cryptocurrency market” – MarketWatch

“US regulators are investigating a major cryptocurrency exchange, raising suspicions of fraud” – The Verge

“Bitcoin subpoena news smells like insider trading” – SlashGear

“Bitcoin Price Drops Below $10,000 As Bitfinex, Tether Get Subpoenaed” – IB Times

“Bitfinex and Tether Receive U.S. Subpoenas (How is a USDT made?)” – BTCManager

“Bitcoin bleeds over news of US government subpoena” – The Next Web

“U.S. Regulators Send Tether and Bitfinex Subpoenas” – Bitcoin.com

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