Uquid withdrawal problems, silent support – possible scam alert [UPDATED]

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Uquid is one of the crypto debit card providers that we’ve reviewed. However, Uquid has still not recovered from the crypto Visa & MasterCard ban and their prepaid card is not functional.

Right now Uquid consists of a UQC coin and a corresponding mini-ecosystem – wallets, exchange services and so on.

The official Telegram chat (over 13K members) is starting to get filled with withdrawal problem complaints.

It seems like if you deposit funds into the Uquid ecosystem, or have deposited in the past, there is no way to withdraw them right now. Uquid support seems to be ignoring all the complaints, and containing them all to the Telegram group.

Here’s just some of reports and complaints from people that can’t withdraw funds from Uquid in July-September 2018:

uquid support no response scam alert

uquid cant withdraw euro

uquid scam alert

uquid does not return money uquid withdrawal problems august 2018

uquid funds withdrawal problemsuquid support non responsive

uquid support no response scam alert

Some customers have already said goodbye to their funds:

uquid criticism

Exclusive Uquid customer report – withdrawals disabled, support unresponsive

We have reached out to several users that complained they can’t withdraw funds from Uquid – and they all share the same story: withdrawals do not work, support is not replying.

Here’s a couple of examples of Uquid support not replying to Telegram or Skype messages since the end of July – that is, for over a month and a half:

uquid support not replying skype

uquid support not replying telegram

Ironically, right after this article was published the user received a reply from Uquid support – and the reply he got is seriously alarming:

uquid support bullshit reply

Apprently, they are NOT going to return funds that have been deposited by payment methods other than Bitcoin (Neteller in this case), because there is a “third party” that has the funds. In reality, they should just send an equivalent sum in ANY currency if they are still a living company.

This whole thing seems like another inglorious downfall of a crypto company. The feeling you get is that everyone in charge of UQUID has vanished, leaving a hired freelancer to do customer support.

If you have ever deposited any funds to Uquid – rush to get them back, who knows, maybe the publicity will scare some sense into Uqid.

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Let’s help new users avoid depositing any funds to Uquid until they pay everyone withdrawing. Leave a comment if you have been affected by this too!


  1. […] Uquid withdrawal problems, silent support – possible scam alert [UPDATED] […]

  2. […] Uquid withdrawal problems, silent support – possible scam alert [UPDATED] […]

  3. Mouis Bumo says

    they still allow withdraw but only via skype support
    i did successful withdraw my fund last month
    please contact them via skype team

    1. Staff says

      If the “withdraw” button does nothing, and you have to beg someone on Skype to give your money back it’s called “withdrawal problems”.

      1. Mouis Bumo says

        i think your account did not get verified yet. the withdraw button i think only available with verified account. i had checked with few friends and all of them got money refund from uquid. i think you can not use this case is “Possible Scam Alert” . i agree that they slow in support. but if you say “scam” people will understand different meaning.

        1. Staff says

          Thanks for your opinion. You guys are obvious Uquid employees, and I appreciate your attention to this article.

          How about you make an official statement on all your problems, or give an interview to us about your plans for 2018. Are you going to issue cards again? We’d publish the interview as is, without any comments – and our readers are really interested in crypto debit cards and crypto debit cards’ companies.

          These comments are not helping – yeah it seems like some people are able to get their funds back, but it takes a while. This is what POSSIBLE scams all look like – slowing down support, problematic withdrawals, etc. – until one day the company disappears. We will keep warning our readers about companies that go through these stages, and we are not saying Uquid is a scam – but it seemed like one for some time when your Telegram group was filled with withdrawal complaints.

          Good luck & looking forward to your reply.

  4. Daniel Juker says

    this is not true. my friend just finish withdraw his bitcoin few day ago via skype of uquid

    1. Staff says

      The article was written two months ago. If it takes two months to withdraw YOUR money it’s called “withdrawal problems”.

      1. Daniel Juker says

        my friend confirmed : if you contact them via skype, they will support you fast (he got btc within few hours – not 2 months) . However, you have to add their skype before you can send them message ( skype message will not show if someone did not accept your friend request) . Maybe your skype request did not get accepted by them you can open ticket and request them accept your skype id. good luck

  5. Lisa Kitie says

    This is a great article. However, you should carefully consider the words to avoid misunderstandings. I used the card of this company last year and I never had any problems with their company. They are stopping the card issuance but have refunded me the whole amount.

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