Update on Bitcoin debit cards post-VISA ban of WaveCrest

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Updated September 5th 2018

Ever since VISA banned WaveCrest which issued ATM cards for a lot of Bitcoin companies, people were looking for solutions to cash out their BTC. Those affected by the ban kept writing to customer support, those looking to get a reliable Bitcoin prepaid card were looking for the best solution. [Our comprehensive Bitcoin debit card table, is still valid, since the info there is updated]. This article is a quick recap of what happened to the providers mentioned there. If you have no time to read it here’s the gist: currently the MasterCard Bitcoin card AdvCash is #1 and works well.



Affected, working on a solution:

March 3 status update: Crytopay have posted an image of the new card’ design to their Twitter!  It looks OK as long as it works – that’s our opinion:


Affected, looking for solutions:

February 2018 update: TenX claim they will start re-issuing cards at the end of March.


Affected, all cards will have to be stopped on Jan 26, 2018, funds will be safe, new cards will follow (source)

Sept 5 2018 update: stay away from Uquid as it seems to be going bad and not returning any funds to users


Down, looking for a solution. They are also launching an ICO soon and claim to become the “crypto bank” in an inspiring statement from the founders.


Affected, looking for a solution.

This is a MasterCard card Bitcoin card, requires verification but still is reliable and operates in junction with a bunch of other payment methods. AdvCash used to be the best Bitcoin ATM card limit- and term-wise, and hopefully it will regain its’ status soon. Register here.


This company is more preoccupied with their ICO judging by their twitter feed, but we did find a relevant answer to the WaveCrest VISA ban:

So – Spectrocoin is affected and currently looking for a solution.

The solution will supposedly come from their partner service Bankera, that will “take care of all banking in crypto”. They have bragged having received their prepaid cards already, though they do not disclose any terms.

Existing Spectrocoin users will be getting the cards first, so it’s a good idea to register and be ready to apply for one.



The company issued an eloquent blog post explaining the situation. Their cards have been canceled but they’re working on a solution.

This is a very decent service provider so make sure to sign up and be higher up the list to receive their card.


No announcement, their VISA card is issued by WaveCrest so it’s disabled as well.

March 3 update: Exwal is promising the new card in March 2018.


No announcement, their VISA card is issued by WaveCrest so it’s disabled as well.


Affected, promises to return all funds.




Affected, will return funds, looking for alternatives.


Affected, looking for solutions:




…Also, two of the sites from the initial table turned out to be scams:


Turned out to be a scam site, not only because of these (1,2,3) reviews, but also according to our readers’ reports.

Bitfish – out of operation, locks user funds

Here’s the message we got through our contact form:

Bitfish (bitfish.nl) no longer (or maybe) works. What I mean is, the 1800 number rings in Mitchingan at a bike manufacturer company, they do not reply to emails, and the most annoying part is this:

their webpage does not let me send back my money from the wallet!!! It is a couple hundred worth of bitcoin, but still.

What is going on? If I set it up where to send the money, and click on the send button nothing happens. They turned off, probably deliberately the java script. So at the moment there is no way that I can send my bitocin back to another wallet.

No working office number, no response. These guys are ghosts.

  1. Michael says

    The advcash is only for SEPA countries(EU + Switzerland)

    1. Staff says

      You’re right, Michael, this seems to be a recent addition. They’re also shutting down their prepaid card at the moment, so another provider off the list… Unfortunately.

  2. […] FEB 23 2018 UPDATE:  A lot is brewing, but no cards are 100% functional yet. These are the candidates for the fastest solutions, so register if you haven’t yet: 1) Bankera/Spectrocoin (supposedly have cards already), TenX (end of Q1 2018), Denaro (ICO now, cards in May), Bitwala (bank, cards, tether alternative), check other cards’ status here. […]

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