Tron [TRX] Going to Hit $1 Soon, Here’s Why


TRON, a young company that is barely a year old has outperformed most of the cryptocurrency projects. The startup was successful in launching its mainnet and now it is all set to withdraw from ERC20 and switch to their own mainnet tokens. Noticing the recent developments in TRON, ledger Nano made an open invitation to TRON and with the launch of Odyssey 2.0, Tron is going to be completely independent and up for good developments and price hike in coming months.

Tron independence

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON recently made an official statement calling June 25 as their Independence Day. The TRON community is all set to make the migration to its own blockchain. Community members have also been asked to confirm their remaining ERC20 Tron tokens and migrate to mainnet tokens.

Noticing the recent developments in TRON, ledger Nano S one of the most popular hardware wallets in the market made an open invitation to TRON to join their development slack. Ledger Nano S which supports only popular coins is the go-to resource for serious cryptocurrency traders to store their hard-earned cryptocurrencies. Ledger Nano’s reply to a user on twitter was a hit that TRON could be their next candidate. Ledger’s official Twitter @LedgerHQ responded with an answer that has the Tron community in elation-

“We invite Tron developers to get in touch with us and join our Developer Slack to evaluate the technical complexity related to their new blockchain.”

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Tron to climb higher

Tron supporters projected appreciation for possible listing, TRON community responded,

“Awesome to see you guys incorporating interesting new options, seems like TRX is a great choice, since it is one of the trading volume leaders on nearly every exchange. Everyone will want to keep their TRX on a Ledger Wallet!”

Some analysts predict that next quarter might be a good one for Tron as it becomes completely independent. TRX token migration is getting support from all investors and exchange. Although the price of TRX hasn’t taken a surge as expected, however, with platform developments and more partnerships, a lot is being expected from this young project in the near future. Also, in the coming months, we’ll be able to see the performance of its main net that will further assess its value. Moreover, with the concern of high token supply of TRX tokens, coin burn will help in reducing the circulation.

At the time of writing, Tron has been at $0.043. Support from Ledger Nano S. and migrating to its very own blockchain in addition to being one of the most active cryptocurrency, Tron can work the price in its favor and easily hit the $1 price level.

Do you guys think TRON will emerge as one of the major players in the crypto market in the coming months? Share your views with us.

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Written by Vaishali Dhek @ June 17, 2018 Vaishali Dhek

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