Tron Surpasses EOS in Number of Accounts in Just 71 Days Since MainNet Launch


Justin Sun and his team seem to be working wonders for the Tron coin. It is not just justifying its price to the investors and traders but also is delivering some strong fundamental uses cases to the society in general. Indicating how fast the coin is growing, Justin just informed the Tron community that the blockchain has just left behind EOS in total number of MainNet accounts

Tron adoption is increasing rapidly

Using his twitter handle, Justin happily announced that TRON MainNet accounts have surpassed EOS as on 12:00pm, September 4, 2018, TRON MainNet accounts stood at 301604 vs. EOS’s 299743. He also added that TRON Network has continued to thrive and gain recognition, just in 71 days since the TRON MainNet launch.   

Last week Justin Sun has shared few more numbers, which gave an indication of how swiftly the Tron blockchain and TRX were growing. During its global launch event of TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) Justin Sun, had said that the total number of TRON accounts have reached 282,859, a 1431% increase compared to July 28, a 465,00% increase compared to June 25 when the TRON MainNet was launched. As of now, TRON account number is 11 times that of Ethereum (in a 2-month period post the MainNet launch) and has reached the same level of EOS. This is indeed a breakthrough for TRON.

In addition, TRON’s single-day transaction number peaked 416,497 in August, a 741% increase compared to that in July, a 13,565% increase in the 2-month period post the MainNet launch; compared with Ethereum in the same 2-month period after it launched its MainNet, the average daily transaction number of TRON is 19 times that of Ethereum. Besides, the peak number of TRON single-day transaction has reached 31% of that of Ethereum. The TRON ecosystem remains active with growing breakthroughs in key indexes.

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Tron’s Virtual Machine and BitTorrent acquisition to be a game changer

According to Justin Sun, in the next era of the blockchain, virtual machines will be widely used around the world. He calls it Blockchain 3.0 as the first era of the blockchain was when Bitcoin (BTC) was originally launched in 2009. The blockchain of the time was made to provide a simple technical support to the trading of various currencies and it was very simple. During the second era of the blockchain, Ethereum (ETH) and the ETH Virtual Machine were created and equipped with smart contract technology, which began a new era of the technology. Finally, the third and current era of the blockchain technology is focused on the decentralized applications (dapps). At the same time, however, virtual machines have been also increasing their efficiency and technology.

With Tron Virtual Machine having the first mover advantage of blockchain 3.0, the numerous Dapps based on it and the acquisition of BitTorrent, growth in Tron’s MainNet account numbers are not at all surprising. It only is a starting point to what looks like a really bright future for Tron, its team and the community at large.

Will Tron continues to grow at the same pace in the future as well? Do let us know your views on the same.

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Written by Nilesh Maurya @ September 4, 2018 Nilesh Maurya

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