Tron’s Knowledge Company Announces University, Will Provide Decentralized Education


Team Tronics, Tron’s Knowledge Company, built by the TRON TRX community leaders for the community announced that it would be launching a University that would be providing Decentralised education where content and material will be provided by the experts to worldwide community and help will be available from a decentralised pool of people who believe in the vision of TRON.

The aim of the University would be to strengthen and build the skills of the Tron communities.

The structure

The university is utilising an existing online platform for its initial release which will provide flexibility till the team can decide the format that would work in the true sense. Community members will be able to register to gain access to the challenges, course’s and quizzes. Rewards can be earned by completing these classes and reading articles about Tron, its partners and Blockchain as a whole.  The course would work on three levels namely

  • Novice
  • Competent
  • Expert

All members, who enrol, will start from the beginning giving a level playing field to everyone for a unified advancement of all the material. There will be no time restriction as to how fast you can progress through the classes and tests, but new content will be added at defined times as per guidelines of the university.

The content included in the University will comprise of all aspect of ‘TRON’ and blockchain, and the TRON Foundation will have a direct contribution to this content. Upon completion of these classes, rewards will be allocated.

All the classes will have a predefined amount of TRX set as its reward for a successful completion of a challenge, course or quiz.

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Team Tronics will pay their rewards in TRX, this is the safest option for community members. According to the community, TRX at this time is the only token with value and a real usability.

The team is very clear that it doesn’t want to expose the community to uncertainties around issuing an unknown token that has no use on the wider TRON platform and is ultimately controlled by the issuer taking away the true meaning of decentralization

Course material

All content and material will be created by this great accumulation of knowledge from Team Tronics Community which has a vast support group of individuals and communities all over the world, allowing the university to provide the most varied and comprehensive classes that can be offered.

The team will have exclusive content created solely for the university giving them the greatest control over how they want to present the classes to the community. And to mention again that all this would be decentralised instead of a traditional centralised teacher-student university

This project will truly give Tron access to the great pool of knowledge from its own university going forward. Additionally, it will increase awareness for blockchain and cryptocurrencies making more people aware of how a decentralized world works.

Will Torn succeed in its mission to decentralise education? Will this change the way education industry works today? Do let us know your views on the same

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Written by Nilesh Maurya @ June 25, 2018 Nilesh Maurya

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