TopiaCoin: A Select Opportunity For Accredited Investors


Each day, more people are finding out how they’ve lost their privacy on Facebook and Google. The recent hearings on Capitol Hill have shed light on how much Facebook truly knows about each one of us. Facebook is so invasive that according to Topia Technology CEO Janine Terrano, Facebook even knows when your relationship is failing.

While many are outraged at these facts, the truth remains that we only have ourselves to blame. After all, we provided the info to Facebook and Google in the first place.

So, what’s the answer? Discard our iPhones, Gmail, Facebook and stop surfing the Internet?

Certainly not. The answer lies in encryption and the blockchain.

Think of it like this. What lies in your safe? A typical answer is your will, as this is one of a person’s most important documents.

When your lawyer emails your will to your Gmail account, Google has a record of it. Or if you sent a copy to your son or daughter through Messenger, Facebook now has a history of your last wishes.

Facebook and Google have become the central gatekeepers of our data. This goes against everything Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned. Whether it’s our monetary system or our data, no central authority figure should be in control.

Well, does a solution exist? Yes, it does, and the military has already used it.

The military has relied on Secrata, developed by Topia Technology, because it is the only enterprise security platform providing triple-layer encryption and separation end-to-end, protecting against brute force attacks and more innovative security threats. It has offered unparalleled security, flexibility, and performance for US government agencies such as the Air Force, Army, FAA, TSA and other enterprises that have required protection coupled with strict performance metrics.

Well, how does a military application help us today? It’s through TopiaCoin. Best of all, accredited investors can participate in the TopiaCoin initial coin offering today.

Topia Technology is combining its patented security for shredding and encrypting data with the power and transparency of blockchain into its SDFS network. Individuals and businesses will be able to quickly and securely share any digital asset without a central server and with the confidence that each transaction is not only performed in a manner agreed upon by the blockchain, but it will also have the ability to guard against multiple threats.

Think of it like this, if you want to share your will with another party, SDFS will provide point-to-point shredding and encryption to ensure only the designated recipients have access to your documents. There is no third-party or central gatekeeper involved. Individuals and businesses can quickly and securely share any digital asset without a central server and with the confidence that each transaction is performed in a manner agreed upon by the blockchain.

The beauty of all this is that Topia is providing a real-world solution to today’s significant privacy concerns. As outlined in the white paper, common use cases include:

  • Secure Messaging dApp using SDFS – A company requiring the need to for secure communication between employees can create a Secure Message application on top of the SDFS network
  • Delivery of Digital Assets for Online Sales – A company that needs to securely process the sale and distribution of digital assets (such as movies, music, or electronic tickets) could use the SDFS network and data layer libraries to streamline the delivery process.
  • Lawyers, CPAs, and other professional service providers need to be able to exchange confidential documents with their customers and clients

Finally, this brings us to TopiaCoin and how accredited investors can participate. From the white paper:

As part of the launch of the SDFS network, Topia Technology will release a new cryptocurrency token known as TopiaCoin. This token will be used within the SDFS network to pay for services as well as reward users who contribute to the healthy functioning of the network.

TopiaCoin has been designed from the beginning to protect its investors and Topia is committed to keeping current with all SEC regulations. Topia, partnered with the world renowned Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, have structured TopiaCoin as a security that is offered through a SAFT. This, in our opinion, makes TopiaCoin one of the best ICOs on the market today as very few can pass regulatory scrutiny. Add in the fact that Topia Technology has been in business for 15 years and has had contracts with the US Air Force, Army, FAA, and TSA, makes TopiaCoin a top choice for investors.

For accredited investors looking to take advantage of this excellent opportunity, the pre-sale is still going on. The public sale will run from May 15 to June 5, 2018.

To sum up, there’s a lot to like with TopiaCoin. Stan Larimer, Co-founder of BitShares and Cryptonomex, recently joined the Topia Technology Board of Advisors and had this to say, which we believe means a lot about where Topia is heading:

Today, there is no real data security for blockchain-based applications, and there is a huge need in the marketplace for a security layer. TopiaCoin will be the first to market with military-grade security, and this will bring great value to the blockchain and BitShares community. I am excited to be involved with Topia Technology, a well-established company that is really going to make a world of difference in the future of blockchain through the introduction of TopiaCoin.

For more information, check out the TopiaCoin website, white paper, Medium, Twitter, and Telegram.

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