Three new rule changes on /r/Cryptocurrency


Today we are announcing three major rule changes that will be rolling out here on /r/Cryptocurrency.

Over the past few months, as cryptocurrency boomed and attracted new attention, this sub swelled with hundreds of thousands of new users. While this was a rather exciting event, it also came with some challenges, and we realized:

  1. This sub is frequently under attack from professional manipulation groups who use FUD, bots, and other manipulation attacks to mislead the market.

  2. Our current rules have a number of gaps that lead to clutter, and types of posts that are easily manipulated.

After receiving confirmation from the Reddit Admins, of numerous professional and highly-orchestrated manipulation groups being identified, as well as having the Reddit Admins site-ban more than 800+ manipulator accounts in a single day, we set about to make a series of rule changes that we believe will combat these challenges.

The following rule changes will be “soft-enforced” starting as of today. The “soft-enforcement” will mean that any post violating these rules will be removed and users will be warned about the infraction, but users will not be banned while we rollout the new rules unless there are intentional repeated infractions.

The soft-enforcement will last until April 2nd, at which time these rules will be enforced like any other rule set.

Rule Change #1 – A new sub for Cryptomemes

Media and comedy posts are great, but we repeatedly face two challenges:

  1. Users abuse the grey line between what is/what is not a comedy post in order to shill or spread FUD.
  2. Comedy posts and memes flood the front page, and prevent valuable news and discussion from thriving in this community.

For this reason, we’ll be removing comedy posts and memes from /r/Cryptocurrency and redirecting them to our new sister-sub /r/Cryptocurrencymemes

This way users can choose between a more serious sub, or enjoying a crypto-themed memefest.

Rule Change #2 – Refining the Definition of “Low Quality/Off-Topic Posts” to reduce spam and shilling.

/r/Cryptocurrency was designed for important and relevant news about multiple cryptocurrencies, as well as news and detailed discussion about the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

While there are often times that posts about a single-coin are merited here, there are a number of types of posts that aren’t value-added enough to the entire community to be posted here instead of on a coins home subreddit.

Unfortunately, professional shilling and manipulation groups use a frequent flow of low-quality posts about a coin to try and promote their interests. This action is ultimately misguided, while the goal is to promote their coin to adopt more users, their coin just becomes seen as spammy by the larger crypto community and it ends up hurting everyone involved.

In order to reduce spam and shilling attacks, we’re going to be prohibiting a number of types of posts from being standalone posts in /r/Cryptocurrency – these types of posts should now be posted in the “Daily Discussion Thread” or on a cryptocurrencies home subreddit.

(Note: These rules are considered non-exhaustive guidelines. There may be times when a post that falls into these categories is in fact relevant enough to the cryptocurrency community as a whole, in which case a moderator may choose at the discretion of the moderator team to allow it as a standalone post. This will be a very rare exception.)

  • Public figures posting about coins on social media.
  • Anyone’s holdings or portfolios other than your own.
  • Individuals joining boards, foundations or as advisors. (Exceptions may be granted if prominent mainstream figures were to join a board, such as if Bill Gates changed his mind about cryptocurrencies.)
  • Pre-announcements or announcement teasers.
  • Foundations, teams or developers, meeting with companies, governments or agencies. (Exceptions: We will allow it if there is an official statement of a formal partnership from the company or government entity. Not from the foundation or team.)
  • Foundations, teams or developers, partnering with another company. (Posts will be accepted for mainstream companies, when a press release is issued formally by the company and not the foundation or developers of the crypto project.)
  • Projects being accepted into incubators, accelerators, or startup hubs.
  • Changes to logos, brand elements, or names that do not include other major newsworthy changes.
  • Investments in coins, teams, projects or foundations. (Exceptions: We will allow these posts when there is an official statement or press release, from a venture capital firm, private equity firm, or mainstream investment entity (bank), confirming their investment in the project.)
  • Guides on buying, configuring, mining, or trading specific coins. These are best kept in a coin specific sub-reddit.
  • Companies accepting a new coin type for a payment. (Exceptions may be made for Fortune 100 companies, and unicorn startups that would signal mainstream adoption)
  • Coins, tokens or projects being listed on exchanges or having new pairings listed.

Rule Change #3 – Prohibited Posts that harm our community.

Furthermore, while the post types above are ones that can live in the Daily Discussion Thread, there are a few more types of post that we want to clearly highlight at not welcome on /r/Cryptocurrency any more.

  • Threads that attack or otherwise harass specific people or users.
  • Links to blogs or crypto “news sites” that are low quality re-posts or aggregators of other people’s content.
  • Threads or posts that are aggressive attacks, or bias statements that do not promote quality discussion (Example: “That coin sucks, it has no future!”)
  • Unfounded rumors without citation.

These rules may change and evolve substantially over the coming months in order for us to strike the right balance here within /r/Cryptocurrency – we encourage you to provide your feedback about these rules in /r/Cryptocurrencymeta and help us continue to build a great community.

Final Note:

It’s been a bumpy few months of growing pains here at /r/cryptocurrency and we want to thank the community for their support and patience as we continue to work toward a smoother experience for everyone.

The goal of these rules is to ensure that /r/cryptocurrency continues to thrive as a place where people can come, learn about new projects, learn about industry news and get involved in thriving, detailed discussion about cryptocurrency as a community.

The attacks of shilling and FUD have harmed the cryptocurrency market as a whole. We’re far too quick to judge, and attack one another based on simply the holdings of our wallets. As a community, we’ve let ourselves be played by manipulators and we’ve allowed ourselves to forget that cryptocurrency is in its infancy still and not projects that can stand alone.

In the end, we all win when we stand together as a community, and engage in respectful and impactful discussion. We hope these rules continue to push us towards building this positive community that can be a shining example that encourages people from the mainstream to take another look at the world of cryptocurrencies.

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