The Scam “Review” – Anatomy of a Scam

“” is starting to hit the web with waves and waves of automated comments. Most of the comments look better than your average spammy comments, because they have Gravatars tied to Gmails they use for registration. E.g. here’s the comment we got @ CoinVigilance (see it on the review page): scam spam comments

See how it looks at least borderline decent, because it’s actually placed at a relevant page and has a profile image? I wonder how many people have fallen for the scam.

What is Liviacoins?

It’s a hastily designed website that offers help in buying and selling Bitcoin. The main supposed “perk” is that they don’t ask for ID verification. The homepage tells us you can use a bunch of payment methods to wire fiat and get your Bitcoin:

liviacoins payment methods western union scam

Western Union? Without an ID? This is a sure way to lose your money forever. Western Union transfers are made to a first/last name combo and the city info. Once that person picks up the money you wired they can get lost forever and you won’t ever have any way of contacting them again. It could be a homeless person scammers asked to pick up the money, or the ID could be fake, you name it. Western Union as a payment method for Bitcoin screams SCAM. Moneygram and bank account are probably a bit harder to defraud but still all their three payment methods are completely shady.

Ironically, according to their about page and Terms, the company is located in NY, USA, and “Liviacoins” is a registered trademark. Their support says KYC and AML regulations are not a problem, and you can send UP TO $100K to them to buy Bitcoin, just using a name and an email. Please don’t do that, don’t send them anything. is a nasty scam website:

liviacoins scam live chat1

liviacoins scam 2

Fun part!

They are listing a fake office address that takes us to a crossroads in a field:

liviacoins office at a crossroads fake scam

This is why you need to check everything you see.

Is legit?

Gosh, no.

It is an ugly scam operation that takes your money and takes your bitcoin too, and sends it to Neverland. And even though they lie about a trademark, claim to be a legitimate company and have a “terms” page on their site – it’s just a shitty little spam operation to take money from people.

Stay vigilant and do not fall for obvious scams like! Educate yourself and see the list of all ways to buy Bitcoin, or just buy Bitcoin with a credit card for a fast deal.

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