The end of the Minex (MNX) project

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Minex (MNX), an ambitious project with terrible PR and communication flops, has finally gone belly up.

The project founders have promised to pay out everything they owe to stakeholders.

This is the chain of the official announcements from their Telegram group:

April 13th 2020:
Dear Community!
We would like to inform you about a decision to close the project as after long time of work we have not managed to provide the community with expected results. During work on the Economy X we acknowledged that this idea also will not bring a desirable outcome. To perform a mediocre result is not our way.
We apologize for unwarranted hopes on the project. It was hard to make the decision to close the project because we believed in the idea and spent a lot of energy, money, nerves on it, unfortunately, it did not come true. Some community members made money on the project, some lost not only money but also time and energy. Someone became wiser and stronger; someone will live in the past. We do hope our team members and the community will choose the first path, and this experience will increase success of your future undertakings.
If you have MNX or BTC in MinexSytems services please contact in order to withdraw. MinexBank parking rates will be paid as well. Sincerely,
MS Team
April 17th 2020:

Withdraw from MinexPay Web Wallet

Dear community!
Please take into consideration that withdrawal of non-reducible balance and BTC balance from MinexPay Web Wallet will be available until the 15th of May, 2020. After it requests will not be processed.
Please send your requests to with email address from the wallet and receiving address of your wallet.

Best regards,
MS Team

April 29, 2020:
Dear community!
Please be informed that all the parkings were paid out by MinexBank.
Also, please take into consideration that our media and TG chats will be closed on May 15th.Best regards,

Dear community!

We would like to ask big holders (those who bought mnx totally equal to 1k usd, despite time of buying) to write us on
Please include in your email: your MNX address and name, current balance and how much crypto/you spent buying MNX.

Also, can write us those who bought and sold, but fixed the losses. In this case, additionally to the information above, include in your email date and sum of purchase, date and sum of selling.

Those who mined and sold coins each week or in any other period, should include in the message: address of mining, time of beginning and finishing, amount of mined coins (can write in USD).

Best regards,

Some of the stakeholders are reporting that they are getting banned in the support chat, despite investing a lot in the project – here’s a censorship complaint from a user that has allegedly invested $18K into Minex:

minex mnx project discontinued

Minex was a cryptocurrency project founded by Boris Shulayev, his twitter at now deleted.

boris shulayev minex mnx founder

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