The best crypto coverage of 2018

Welcome to the year crypto grew up. It started out strong – I remember one waiter ignoring our table last January as he and his friend bought bitcoin at its high – and went out with a bloodbath. This was the year of big personalities, big bets, and a true reckoning. And here is the best reportage we saw this year, pieces that resonated and changed the way we thought about this brave new world… and how we’ll think about it in the future.

The Clown Princes

This year a few of the best pieces on crypto were about the people. Writer Neil Strauss told the story of Brock Pierce, crypto’s “hippie king” who is making a utopia in Puerto Rico. We also met Boaz Manor, a disgraced Canadian trader who dyed his hair to be like the princess in Brave. Nellie Bowles invited us to meet the people who were getting hilariously rich while Laurie Penny found herself trapped on a boat. And don’t forget the Forrest Gump of bitcoin!


Serious Business

This year brought new insight into the crypto markets thanks to traders who actually understood the deep concepts. Vijay Boyapati brought us the bullish case for bitcoin. He might still be right. Brendan Bernstein explored the differences between cash and equity in the crypto world. Want to know what happens when crypto miners come to town? Politico has that covered.

Serious Weirdness

If you read one article about crypto this year, make it this one. “Inside the crypto world’s biggest scandal” by Gideon Lewis-Kraus gave us a love story wrapped in a horror story wrapped in a thriller. This strange tale of love and one of the earliest ICOs is one of the best-written stories of 2019.

Bears Roar

This was the year of the bears. Take John Pfeffer. He doesn’t think we’re right about utility tokens after an early poke at the bear last December. Don’t worry, however. The stock market has the flu this winter and it looks like tokens might be the answer.

Where is crypto headed next? The best news we could expect for 2019 is no news – a year devoid of scandal, weirdos, cruises, and bear runs. Will we get that? I doubt it sincerely, but it will be definitely make for fun read.

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The best crypto coverage of 2018 written by John Biggs @ December 27, 2018 John Biggs

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