TenX Prepaid Card Status Update

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Following the recent VISA and MasterCard ban of WaveCrest, a debit card issuer popular with prepaid bitcoin card providers, finding a provider with working ATM cards has been a problem.

The companies try to adapt and find alternative issuers as fast as they can:

  • The previously best Bitcoin debit card provider, AdvCash is keeping quiet on the issue (though their tweets are gathering mostly one type of replies: “when card?”).
  • Bankera/Spectrocoin are bragging about printed cards (unavailable to public yet), so they might be the first to release the cards (sign up here);
  • Denaro seems to be the new contender for a working debit card, – they are running an ICO now and claim their new card provider is reliable;

We reached out and asked TenX about their plans for the card.

Good news – TenX are planning to solve the card issue by the end of March 2018:

Due to an urgent change in WaveCrest’s operating permissions, all current TenX cards are now disabled (including those that are shipped but have not yet arrived).

If you are an existing card holder, you will be added to the pre-order list for our new cards. Our goal is to be able to replace now-defunct WaveCrest-issued TenX cards as soon as possible.

The integration with our new card issuer is due to be completed by the end of Q1 2018, followed by a gradual rollout of cards by geographical region. Closer to that date, we will be able to provide more accurate launch dates for the various countries.

Whether this is true or not – it’s a great idea to sign up to TenX now not to waste any time once their cards arrive.

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