Taklimakan Network and SocialMedia.Market Form Partnership


Taklimakan Network, the Singapore-based business platform for connecting cryptocurrency investors, analysts, and enthusiasts has just signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SocialMedia.Market, the decentralized platform for simplifying marketing interaction between business and social media influencers. This is the latest example of an emerging trend in the crypto community of promising, efficient projects building synergistic partnerships to make the greatest possible use of blockchain.

The MOU will enable both the Taklimakan Network and the SocialMedia.Market to build a collaborative framework for blockchain research and development. While the Taklimakan Network will focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain education and networking, SocialMedia.Market will focus on connecting media influencers with advertisers.

The Taklimakan Network platform will be a useful space for beginner and expert cryptocurrency traders alike. Their mission is to increase the financial literacy and knowledge of crypto users by providing them with investment tools and connecting them with analysts and crypto consultants.

Central to the mission are Taklimakan’s array of powerful and useful tools, including a news aggregator that is moderated by their in-house analytical service, an open-source education database, a cryptocurrency marketplace equipped with analytical and trading tools, and a forum for connecting expert analysts and portfolio managers with crypto enthusiasts. Crowdsourced prediction tools and publicly ranked portfolios in which individuals can participate are another important part of the network. All these tools and unique features will help users make better-informed cryptocurrency investing and trading decisions.

Rashid Yussup, one of Taklimakan Network’s co-founders commented:

The crypto community is growing rapidly, and we plan to attract over a million new platform users in the next two to five years. With the tools available on the Taklimakan Network, we plan to bring educational expertise and professionalism to the crypto community.

Whereas Taklimakan focuses on networking and trading among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, SocialMedia.Market provides the first decentralized marketplace for connecting social media bloggers and influencers with industry advertisers. The company has assembled an impressive advisory board that includes Tatsunari Ono of Value Brain Company and Keith Teare from TechCrunch amongst others.

Together, their goal is to solve the major problems with influencer marketing by creating opportunities for content monetization, community engagement, and increased audience exposure. Based on blockchain technology, they will simplify the marketing interaction between the advertising business and social media influencers. Analytical reports show that influencer marketing metrics are almost universally on the rise. Recent estimates forecast that this market will turn into a $5-10 billion industry by 2020.

Although the exact nature of the collaboration between the companies is yet to be detailed, both SocialMedia.Market and Taklimakan Network’s strongpoints dovetail efficiently with one another as they synchronize joint blockchain industry development. In this respect, the two companies are both keeping true to the decentralized nature of blockchain while creating an environment with unprecedented potential.


SocialMedia.Market recently concluded a successful ICO under the guidance of ICOBox. The SMT token is already listed on a few exchanges, and the project greatly exceeded its soft cap and collected nearly 14,000 of its 16,000 ETH hard cap goal.

One SocialMedia.Market advisor, Andrew Playford of Sonic Foundry, added:

influencer marketing has been showing exciting potential for some time now, and the creation of a decentralized blockchain marketplace is a solution to some big problems in that sector. The success of the SocialMedia.Market ICO comes as no surprise, as it is one of the more important marketing blockchain projects today.

Although the SocialMedia.Market ICO is over, the Taklimakan Network ICO begins on April 9, 2018, with the TKLN utility token available for USD 0.05 per token. With news of the MOU agreement between the two companies, the Taklimakan Network ICO will certainly receive a great deal of interest from blockchain enthusiasts. For more information on the Taklimakan Network and SocialMedia.Market, visit their websites at https://taklimakan.io/ and https://socialmedia.market/.

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