PR: SpringRole is Leveraging Blockchain to Build Online Engine for Transparency and Trust


The era of networked digital technologies has made “the court of public opinion” into something much more quantifiable. Community participation through likes, upvotes, retweets, and so forth has given many online forums the ability to self-regulate, filtering popular content to the top through a system of voting. SpringRole may not the first project to mesh community participation with a system for reputation ranking, but it might be the first to build it on the blockchain. Imagine if you could actually get paid for all the time and effort you put into building a profile, commenting, and networking on LinkedIn. Enter SpringRole!

The brainchild of CEO Kartik Mandaville, SpringRole represents his commitment to building a world based on transparency, trust, and authenticity. With a Masters Degree in Machine Learning and AI from Carnegie Mellon, Kartik brings experience and innovation to the blockchain space. A veteran of the cryptocurrency world, he built a Bitcoin/USD exchange in 2013. Kartik has assembled a strong core team and a diverse panel of advisors with a deep background in both blockchain and the recruiting industry to realize the vision for SpringRole. The platform is already attracting investors, partners, and users.  

SpringRole bills itself as an attestation protocol, and proposes solutions to several major problems that arise when companies connect with job candidates online, such as false or unverifiable information, endorsements from low authority sources, and lack of data ownership. SpringRole’s bread and butter is the SPRING token. Issued on the Ethereum blockchain, SPRING is an ERC-20 compliant token that fuels the platform. Users can earn tokens through various forms of participation, such as individual or business referrals, endorsements, and validations. With a Beta version already live, the SpringRole team has shown that they’re more than capable of delivering on the ambitious roadmap milestones laid out for the platform.

Beyond serving as a social network, SpringRole’s ultimate vision includes collating genuine, verifiable professional profiles for users that can be tied to authenticated data. A PDF parsing tool used for authentication, as well as a large skill-set database, are a few of the technologies that are already being integrated into SpringRole’s underlying infrastructure. Tying back to Kartik’s passion for transparency and trust, SpringRole’s blockchain-based verification system offers a promising solution not only to falsified resumes, but also to problems like “fake news,” charlatans posing as experts, and content designed to manipulate search-engine algorithms rather than provide users with real, actionable information.

SpringRole introduces reputation-based accountability into the professional context of connecting recruiters and hiring companies with verifiably authentic information on job seekers, assessing the creditworthiness of prospective borrower based on the attested professional profiles and much more. By utilizing a decentralized blockchain architecture, SpringRole creates a transparent community-based ecosystem that lets companies and contractors connect with one another, communicate, and vet candidates, while still ensuring that individuals maintain ownership over their personal data.

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