Spending Bitcoin with the Revolut Premium black card

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Revolut is a banking app that lets you buy Bitcoin, transfer money, operate a prepaid debit card, buy insurance products and a lot more. It’s been pretty popular, having onboarded 1.7 million users and processed $10B worth of transactions since their launch in 2015. If you are interested in diversifying your banking chances are you’ve heard of the company.

Revolut offers a platform to buy Bitcoin, but a direct way to load and spend Bitcoin using their prepaid card is yet to come. However, there are several alternatives to that, one being fresh out of the oven with Wirex having released their virtual VISA cards for EU users.

This is what you need to spend Bitcoin using your Revolut Premium black card:

  1. Load Bitcoin to your Wirex app wallet
  2. Top-up your Revolut account using the virtual VISA you got at Wirex, that is, spending your Bitcoin
  3. Withdraw cash from the Revolut card.

This is a workaround that will be unnecessary once Wirex ship your prepaid Bitcoin card, but for now, considering they’ve gone live with new virtual cards, it’s a way to spend your crypto if you’re a Revolut user.

Wirex has been pioneering in EU Bitcoin prepaid card recovery since the WaveCrest ban, so if you have no account with them yet – sign up here.
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