Spectrocoin vs Wirex – a comparison review

Spectrocoin and Wirex both have a working crypto debit card that allows you to spend your crypto at POS terminals and withdraw it at ATMs.

The scope of provided services is a bit different though – Spectrocoin aims to be a larger ecosystem with their own token (BNK), crypto exchange and unconventional deposit methods.

Wirex, on the other hand, puts stress on their debit card – load crypto or fiat money to your account, exchange it as you wish, spend it or keep it (red full review)

Let’s see how the two platforms compare for those who need a Bitcoin/altcoin debit card.

InterfacewebWeb & app
Supported countriesEEA + more (no USA)EEA
Deposit methodsCards, SEPA, Banks, Sofort banking,Neteller, Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill, Qiwi Romania, Foxbox & Maxima – Lithuania, Lietuvos Pastas, Perlo PaslaugasBank, credit card, crypto
Deposit fees5.5% for cards, 2% for banks, varied fees for other methodsfree
Withdrawal methodsRegional post offices, SEPA, Skrill, Payeer.Bank, credit card, crypto
Withdrawal fees5% for post offices, 0% Perfect Money, 2% Skrill, 5% Payeer.free
Account management fee$1/mo£1.00/mo
Plastic card cost$50.00free
Card load via wallet1.00%free
Currency exchange3.00%free 
ATM withdrawal fee$2.50$2.5-3.5
ATM limit$1500/day$250/day
POS purchase limitunlimitedunlimited
POS transaction fees$0.25 
Maximum card balance€2,500 in standard, unlimited in VIP$10000
Card type Visa
Supported currenciesUSD, EUR, GBP, XAU, PLNUSD, GBP. EUR
Supported cryptocurrenciesBTC, DASH, ETH, BNK, XEMBTC, ETH, XRP, LTC
KYCmandatory for card issuance, not necessary for wallet usagemandatory for card issuance, not necessary for wallet usage
Cashbacknone0.5% of all POS transactions


Spectrocoin vs Wirex comparison explanation

Spectrocoin definitely offers more ways of topping up your account – there are not only the conventional credit card and bank account, but also local post offices and online payments systems such as Skrill, Neteller, Perfect money and Payeer.

If you do not spend enough time calculating your Spectrocoin activities, you will be bombarded with fees – first a 5% deposit fee, then a 1% fee exchanging currencies (if you want to diversify your portfolio), then 1% fee to load your funds to the card, then ATM and POS payment fees… Ironically, even crypto withdrawals are laced with suspiciously high (and artificially set) “network fees”, which is a problem. Spectrocoin is definitely a money-making machine, for its’ owners that is.

One of the few Spectrocoin advantages is that the VIP card gives you higher limits for withdrawal. If you plan to convert a ton of crypto to cash on a regular basis and don’t care about the fees then Spectrocoin might be your option.

Spectrocoin is still your #1 choice if you wish to spend DASH coin directly, for they provide the only DASH debit card at the moment.

Wirex, however, is your best choice for regular everyday spending of your cryptocurrency. Their low fees, the cryptoback feature that gets you 0.5% of crypto spent at POS terminals back to your account, the seamless app – all make for a great crypto-based wallet & prepaid card that you can use on a day-to-day basis.

Spectrocoin vs Wirex verdict:

Spectrocoin: use if you need a large volume of cash withdrawals and do not care much about the fees.

Sign up here

Wirex: use this platform if you are interested in seamless day-to-day spending of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Take advantage of the unique cryptoback feature.

Sign up to Wirex here
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