Spectrocoin alternative

The list of services to use if Spectrocoin is not an option anymore.

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If using Spectrocoin is not an option for whatever reason, consider the following Spectrocoin alternatives. Each of the services we mention covers either some of the functionality of of spectrocoin, so pick whatever you need in your Spectrocoin alternative.

Note: Spectrocoin is infamous for the minimum network fee of 0.002 BTC for Bitcoin withdrawals (see Spectrocoin review for details). These are obviously not “network fees”, they are too high to be that. To avoid paying these fees convert your BTC to another coin, e.g. DASH and withdraw that from Spectrocoin – there will be no premium charged. Then convert your DASH back to BTC – you will still save some satoshis that way.

Now on to the list of the Spectrocoin Alternatives.

Spectrocoin debit card alternative

Spectrocoin is one of the few currently working debit card providers in crypto. To use another service similar to Spertrocoin look into

Wirex if you are in EU/UK/Canada (see Wirex vs Spectrocoin review)

Paycent if you are a resident of another country.

Those two are legitimate companies providing working cards, and frankly, judging by the community those are better options than Spectrocoin.

Both Wirex and Paycent are decent Spectrocoin alternatives for spending altcoins. While Spectrocoin has balances in BTC, ETH, XAU, XEM, BNK, DASH, Wirex offers BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH wallets, and PayCent offers balances in DASH, BTC, and PYN.

Spectrocoin alternative to buy Bitcoin and altcoins

To buy Bitcoin consider:

Spectrocoin alternative for cryptocurrency exchanges

Coinswitch or Changelly.

Spectrocoin merchant projects alternative

If you are looking for a better alternatives to Spectorcoin’s merchant projects, browse this crypto payment processors list.

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