A successful trader is a smart one, here are some resources that should make you better decide weather to pull the trigger or not

Web Radars: https://rsihunter.comhttps://www.cryptotracky.comhttps://qft.hodloo.com/https://cryptobasescanner.com

Telegram Bots: @WallMonitor (Sends notifications whenever buy/sell walls get placed on exchanges on a 25% radius) @CoinSniper (Finds the most oversold and overbought cryptocurrencies) @WhaleSniper (Sends notifications whenever unusual amount of selling/buying activity is spotted across exchanges) @trexMarketScan (Bittrex Market Scanner based on RSI and Relative volume. Scanning 5min candles for quick trades)

Leaks: @ConfidentialMatrix (Palm Beach leaks) @ClifHighLeaks @AltucherLeaks @CryptoCueLeaks @CryptosMagazineLeaks @SharkCIALeaks

TA Analysis: @CryptoCharters @GetGoodTA (dude even gives free portfolio advice)

News & Commentary: @Blockchainfarm @CryptoCATALYST @@VerifiedCryptoNews @BitcoinBravado @Blockion

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