Skycoin is banning in reddit and telegram to cover their scam. Details inside.


I submitted this question about the use of coin hours to the skycoin subreddit. I got a few responses that didn’t really answer anything and then this. Then they banned me. I never said or did anything the least bit offensive, just questioned their coinhours that made no sense and seemed like a scam. At the time they banned me from reddit, I was also talking to the devs on telegram and when I mentioned the reddit ban, they banned me from telegram. Other people on bitcointalk are saying they are doing this anytime people question their scam. So, flood their subreddit with questions and let’s see how they respond.

edit: Skycoin response: “You were banned for being ignorant”

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Written by /u/keepchill @ February 18, 2018 /u/keepchill

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