SimpleFX Launches iOS App and Mobile Web Browser Platform


SimpleFX (SFX), a cryptocurrency and forex broker has launched the iOS version of its mobile app. The platform has been available for Android smartphones since the end of December 2017. Users of iOS mobile devices will now be able to enjoy the unique services offered by SimpeFX in the areas of cryptocurrency, forex, indices, and commodities trading.

The New SimpleFX iOS App

Just like the Android version, the SFX iOS app delivers the complete trading experience for both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency assets. The app is designed for traders on the move who need to be in charge of their portfolios as they engage in their daily activities. What’s more, the app is continuously upgraded based on the comments received from the over 150,000 traders on the platform.

The New SimpleFX iOS App

The app in no way constitutes a burden to user’s phones thanks to its simple, yet robust design. Running the app in the background doesn’t significantly drain the battery and memory resources of the user’s mobile device. There is also a short text which guides traders on how to install the Bitcoin app correctly.

SFX Mobile Web Browser Platform

The SFX mobile web browser platform is for those who still want to enjoy the benefits of mobile trading without having to install additional apps or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) software. All these traders have to do is visit the SFX mobile website to gain access to limitless trading possibilities. The SimpleFX webtrader only requires an Internet connection, and you are good to go. This feature is yet another useful improvement made by the SFX team to cater to the diverse preferences of different traders. The webtrader platform delivers on all the exciting features that can be found on the mobile app platforms.

SFX Mobile Trading Features

Users can test the platform without registration to get a feel for it. There are numerous means of opening an account on the platform which includes Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. SimpleFX offers 24-hour multilingual live support to cater to its traders from 140 different countries. Concerning security, SFX also provides two-factor authentication (2-FA) protocols as well as lock screen functionality. Traders can also personalize their accounts to ensure faster access to their preferred trading symbols. Traders on the app and mobile webtrader platforms will also have access to the innovative Unilink affiliate panel. Earlier in June 2018, SFX announced its partnership with Unilink to deliver state-of-the-art affiliation tools to its users.

SFX Mobile Trading Features

Trade Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies on SimpleFX

These days, cryptocurrencies are some of the most popular trading assets in the financial market. SFX delivers easy to use Bitcoin and altcoin trading features. The platform even provides useful charts in the distinctive visual style of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. in December 2017, SimpleFX was voted the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform at the Cryptocurrency World Expo.

In addition to all the unique benefits already listed, trading cryptoassets on the SFX platform comes with numerous advantages. These include easy deposit and withdrawal options, quick access to open positions, as well as important newsfeed notifications.

Trade Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies on SimpleFX

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