Siacoin [SC], Cardano [ADA] and IOTA [MIOTA] Get New Listings on Prominent Exchanges


After bleeding for the past couple of days crypto market is yet again in the green. But coins like Siacoin and Cardano made strong gains while IOTA took a peek at green as well as a result of new listings on prominent exchanges.

Binance Lists Siacoin

According to the official Binance statement, Siacoin is now live on Binance against BNB, BTC and ETH trading pairs. Siacoin is the native token to Sia, a decentralized cloud storage platform that aims to create a data storage marketplace, stored and secured by the blockchain.

Though using blockchain technology, Sia believes their cloud storage solution is far cheaper and faster than traditional cloud storage facilities, their current statistics also prove just that.

At the time of writing, Siacoin is valued at $0.014, up by  15.53%. If this climb continues, we could very well expect to see the value of Siacoin rise back up and match values met during the mid-April market surge, which saw Siacoin move up to a steady price of $0.030.

At one point, this price rose well above 20 percent but now is slowly correcting itself.

Overall, this is a great news, and will no doubt see an increased interest in the Sia platform. Hopefully, Sia can make the most of this new listing and thus, Siacoin can relish in a bit of glory for the time being.

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Bithumb lists Cardano, Price shoots up over 7%

After the announcements made by Bithumb, regarding the listing of Cardano, the price of Cardano this past week has been pretty interesting. With the value dropping from $0.21 all the way to $0.153 in a span of six days, the bearish pressure has been more tangible than ever before. Even so, the past 24 hours show signs of hope, as the Cardano price has risen to $0.1715 once again.

European Crypto Exchange Lists IOTA

One of the leading crypto-exchanges in Europe – Bitpanda, has finally made IOTA live on its trading platform. The demand and appeal of the coin had been the driving factor for the listing. The team stated that they were also fascinated by the technology used by IOTA.

As for the IOTA price, there was a minor increase in prices after getting listed. Right now, it is up by 1.71 percent at $1.23 with a market cap of $3,425,326,349 USD.

The past few days have not been all that great for the cryptocurrency markets. With all markets going off the deep end in pretty quick succession, no immediate reversals are expected. But the market seems to gain some of its prices back.

Listings on leading exchanges are truly the way to get a rise in the market, but it would be interesting to see if this spike would continue or just wash off in hours.

Do you think this upward trend in the market will help bring the bulls back? Do share your views with us.

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Written by Vaishali Dhek @ June 14, 2018 Vaishali Dhek

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