Save the Date: AirPod’s Pre-Sale Prepares for Launch


The long-awaited AirPod ICO is finally taking off! The team has announced that its pre-sale is going to start on May 29, 2018. The project introduces a revolutionary sleeping pod intended to improve your travel experience while at the same time providing you with means for stable yet profitable passive income.

A Breakthrough Sleeping Pod

AirPod Sleeping Pods will provide you with a reprieve from the hassle and bustle of the airport, allowing for a stress-free waiting time that you’d otherwise have to spend in all that chaos. These private, “capsule style” units are designed to be installed in public spaces, beginning with major airports throughout the entire world.

AirPod seeks to fill a vertical which is growing stronger by the day. With over 6 billion global airport passengers per year, transit and transfer individuals represent roughly around 10% of that majority, opening up a serious business niche with huge room for expansion.

Disrupting the Travel and Napping Industry

The AirPod project intends to disrupt an entire industry. Worldwide geographical expansion is set to begin through the project’s comprehensive Partnership Program. The innovative sleeping capsules shall be placed at railway and bus stations, shopping centers, city centers, offices, and other locations of the kind.

The main intention is to introduce a place where you can effectively spend a few hours to relax or to work while waiting for your train, bus, flight, or a meeting. Also, it’s putting an end to the struggle of all men who are bound to wait for their loved ones while they are on a shopping spree in the local mall.

Lucrative Sponsorship Program

As we mentioned above, AirPod is a project with much bigger intentions than just to provide you with a comfortable place to sleep or work. It will also become one of the most profitable and stable opportunities for you to earn passive crypto-income.

Through their transparent Sponsorship Program, ICO contributors will be able to exchange their APOD tokens for the right to “sponsor” a particular AirPod unit, enabling them to earn up to 80% of the profits that unit generates every single month.

As a sponsor, you would be able to earn a passive crypto-income month after month which is also completely untouched by the volatility of the crypto market. The value of the APOD token is defined by the number of people using the sleeping capsules and it is irrespective of the movement of the market. And, as we mentioned, this is a multi-billion dollar market, which means that the APOD token’s value is only going to grow as time goes by.

Global Distributor Already Confirmed

To further build on the immense value the project brings, AirPod has already secured a global distributor, guaranteeing that 1000 AirPods will be placed in up to 284 global airports within the first three phases of the project.

In other words, there will be 1000 opportunities for you to start generating stable and passive crypto-income right from the get-go! This number is only going to take off from there!

Supporting the Crypto Community

AirPod is also proud to announce that it will be a Diamond Sponsor of the CryptoKonf 2018 held in Belgrade. The team has been invited as opening speakers to introduce the AirPod ICO to the crypto community.

This is by far the biggest Blockchain, FinTech, Compliance, Cryptocurrency, and ICO Conference in Southeast Europe. Participants will also get to take a peek at hands-on technical blockchain development workshops, which undoubtedly poses tremendous interest, especially for the developers’ community.

The event is set to take place in Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade, Serbia. It is scheduled for the 29th and the 30th of May.

The presentation of AirPod’s ICO will be transmitted over a live stream and you are more than welcome to follow it. The link will be published on the Telegram group as well as the other official channels.

Be a Part of Our Story!

In the words of AirPod’s CEO, Grega Mrgole:

AirPod’s vision is to improve your travel experience and on the other hand to give you the possibility to earn stable passive income for your safer financial future.

We invite you to become a part of AirPod’s successful story!

You can read more about the project on their official website, their Facebook page, or their Twitter. You can also follow the live discussion on Telegram.

Would you use a stylish, comfortable, and private capsule for a couple of hours while waiting for your flight at the airport? Please let us know in the comments below!

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