‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Releases Excerpts From Upcoming Book — Is it a Hoax?


This past Friday, someone claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto — the person or collective people who created the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, posted a 21-page excerpt from a new ‘literary work.’ Is it all just clever distractions from hoaxers, or will we soon know more about Nakamoto’s true identity?

‘…A Long Answer?”

On June 29, a website, nakamotofamilyfoundation.org went live with an excerpt from a book attached, claiming to originate from Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Those who know anything about Bitcoin beyond the name most likely know about the mysterious and unknown identity of the person or persons who created the cryptocurrency. The identity of the secretive creator is a popular topic for argument in the cryptocurrency and cryptography space.

The alleged Nakamoto has called for patience, stating:

…the truth is too special to give away, requires a long answer, which will be in the book.

Many Bitcoin veterans remain unconvinced and dismiss the story as another wild goose chase. If the real Satoshi Nakamoto wanted to reveal themselves to the public, there would be no need for a long answer. Only they would have control of the private keys for the genesis address — the very first Bitcoin address containing the first coins ever mined. Simply moving the genesis coins or signing a transaction with those keys is the only proof of Nakamoto’s identity.

The Next Episode

All of this just seems like just another episode in the long-winded search for Nakamoto —another set of mysterious and sensational claims meant to create some excitement and interest, especially in a downturned market.

Until the owners of the nakamotofamilyfoundation.org website release more information or show further proof, the information in the 21-page excerpt has to be assumed illegitimate.

Garret M. Graff wrote in Wired:

Adam Back, another cryptocurrency pioneer mentioned extensively in the new excerpt, says that many—potentially all—of the verifiable details in the story already exist in the public domain, making it hard to determine whether the writings reflect true, first-hand knowledge or merely thorough research by a hoaxer.

Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs tweeted out, poking fun at the all the fuss over the new ‘excerpts:

What do you think about the ‘new’ Nakamoto book? Is it a hoax, or will we soon learn the real identity of Satoshi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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