Samourai Wallet and goTenna partner creating TxTenna – an app for offline Bitcoin use.

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This story is an example of something absolutely impressive that’s way more important that Bitcoin to USD exchange rate.

Samourai Wallet has partnered with goTenna to allow Bitcoin transactions using the power of goTenna’s mesh network. Transactions are broadcast via TxTenna – an Android app that will broadcast your transactions up to 3 goTenna hops away until they reach an online TxTenna user.

goTenna is a company producing devices that allow setting up mesh networks – the p2p devices are connecting to each other and serving as relay nodes for each other’s messages. When cell phones are paired with these devices you can communicate without any Internet connection. Encrypted data gets sent through all available goTenna devices nearby until the recipient is found.

Here’s a great explanation of Mesh networks, and here’s the one-line summary of what they mean to Bitcoin:

This is big news because it presents a practical answer to the “Can Bitcoin work offline” question. Whereas previously it was stated that Bitcoin theoretically does not need the Internet, right now there is a simple and affordable consumer product combo – goTenna devices + any Android smartphone with SamouraiWallet & TxTenna apps on it. These apps are enough to make your Bitcoin transactions without the Internet.

The enemies of Bitcoin are used to pointing out that the network depends on the Internet, and any Internet downtime (due to a disaster or censorship) will lead to the death of Bitcoin. Well, this is a great step towards making Bitcoin more censorship-resistant and less dependent on the Internet.

Here’s a remarkable use case from New Zealand, where a Bitcoin transaction was sent through goTenna devices from an offline phone to an online phone 12.6km away. The latter phone then broadcast the transaction to the Bitcoin network:


Another impressive use case could be brewing –

Get your own goTenna

Want to get your own goTenna and set up a mesh network? Head over to and use the following coupon to get 15% off:


Once you have it get Samourai Wallet and TxTenna apps on Google PlayStore and start your own censorship-resistant Bitcoin mesh network!



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