Roman Ziemian: A Crypto Visionary Enabling Businesses to Keep Up with Future Technology

It has been a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper, introducing the concept of cryptocurrency to the world. Over the past few years, these cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology have brought in a sweeping change across various industry segments. The advantages offered by cryptocurrency technology is now widely recognized and there are many projects cropping up to solve one problem or another. Roman Ziemian is one of the personalities who has understood the potential of cryptocurrency technology and found ways to put it to the best use. 

Roman has been closely following the developments in the cryptocurrency sector since it started gaining attention. In fact, he went ahead and incorporated cryptocurrency into the FutureNet company and it’s community. FutureNet was established in 2014 by Roman Zieman and Stephan Morgenstern with the aim of helping businesses get the level of exposure and implement necessary processes to achieve success. The expertise of FutureNet revolves around social media, cryptocurrencies, advertising platform, online advertising and sales network structures. The cryptocurrency, FuturoCoin was added to its list of solutions early this year to ensure that FutureNet’s clients are not missing out on any action.

Being a strong believer of new-age technology, Roman has blended it with the age-old recipe to create a model that includes the best of blockchain and MLM worlds. In his words,

First of all, you should always look at the business from a global and timing perspective. Create a product that will be in demand among society at any time and place in the world, develop it in accordance with market changes. Don’t be afraid to do something, but don’t forget about the risks…

The inclusion of blockchain and launch of FuturoCoin is Roman’s way of looking at business from a global and timing perspective, not for himself, but for his clients and over 3.5 million users who are spread across over 190 countries. Discussing about the company’s success and the role played by blockchain technology, Roman says,

We’ve created a business platform that unites unique blockchain technologies and a classic MLM. It’s not a secret that it is possible to earn in MLM business. We went further and decided to improve the model of conducting network business and give users more opportunities to make additional money.

The FuturoCoin extends Dash’s code and combines all the goodness of a cryptocurrency along with an entire ecosystem that makes it easier for adoption among business as well as customers. The cryptocurrency has one of the fastest transaction time of 4 seconds and has its own wallet, payment system, block explorer and a lot of partners.

The FuturoCoin ecosystem has experienced a strong growth. In Roman’s words,

…the launch of FuturoCoin they’ve opened a whole new range of opportunities for network users. A team of real professionals worked on creating the coin.” Further adding, “FuturoCoin holders can assess a wide range of opportunities for using the coin in the business and everyday lives. You can already pay with FuturoCoin in FutureNet cafes located in Wroclaw and Warsaw. What is more, you are able to pay FuturoCoin in such products as EasyVisual and 24BAS.

Being the kind of visionary, Roman’s involvement in the creation of FuturoCoin has prepared FutureNet platform for the impending future. It creates a highly competitive business environment, extends support for various cryptocurrencies while bringing in utmost transparency and speed to the table.

Visit Roman’s LinkedIn Profile and FutureNet Website to know more.

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