Renowned Crypto Analyst Teeka Tiwari Positively Highlights Crypterium’s CRPT Token, Calls for 700% Growth

Renowned Crypto Analyst Teeka Tiwari Positively Highlights Crypterium’s CRPT Token, Calls for 700% Growth

Crypterium, the award-winning crypto bank founded by former VISA GM Steven Parker, and its native token CRPT, just received a resounding recommendation from respected market analyst, Teeka Tiwari. 

The Palm Beach Letter editor’s nod comes directly from his detailed, 28-page investment report called The 2020 Phenomenon Playbook, where he ranks CRPT as the #1 crypto investment in the space among other top tokens.
Tiwari Expects Crypterium To Build A Solid Bridge To Crypto Adoption
Mr. Tiwari’s report is deep and diverse, covering his recommendations for top crypto investments. But it also dissects important events taking place throughout 2020 that may impact the cryptocurrency industry, such as Bitcoin’s recent halving.
The industry expert digs in on all things crypto and offers a deep dive into why each investment is chosen and breaks the recommendation down by multiple points.
He has curated a list of incredibly attractive assets and supplied the most important facts backing up why their valuations are expected to increase.
Topping the list is the CRPT token, which Teeka asserts can reach an estimated 700% growth over the next two years as an increasing number of transactions pass through the Crypterium network.
Following Crypterium, Tiwari lists Tierion (TNT), 0x (ZRX), (MCO), Status Network Token (SNT), and Solve.Core (SOLVE) in his report as the next best-ranked cryptocurrency investment.
CRPT had already been showing signs of rapid growth when on May 8, the token rallied 65% on an intraday trade, bringing the year-over-year ROI to 376%. It is important to note that this surge occurred before the release of Tiwari’s report. The report’s validation implies that CRPT is expected to grow more in value in the long term
Anticipated Growth To Over $1B in Payments Fuels High Investment Valuation 
Crypterium is a crypto network that consists of both a payments app and a card that makes storing, using, and spending cryptocurrencies as easy as traditional dollars and cents.
This much-needed gateway to adoption has already grown to over 500,000 customers since its launch in 2018. But the former hedge fund manager sees even more growth in the user base, taking the number of payments the network processes annually to over $1 billion within the next three years.
“We project a $100 million Gross Dollar Volume (GDV) run rate within the next two years. Assuming the average burn rate of CRPT remains the same, CRPT would need to be priced at $1.92,” Tiwari explained.
Tiwari’s valuations are based on real-world data focusing on the number of payments Crypterium currently processes, combined with the company’s growth trajectory and the proliferation of interest in cryptocurrencies expected over the next several years.
CRPT is currently trading at $0.51 per token at the time of writing. If the valuations presented by Tiwari and Palm Beach Research Group are achieved, it truly could become one of the best investments in the cryptocurrency space.
Learn more about Teeka Tiwari and his Phenomenon Playbook here.

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Renowned Crypto Analyst Teeka Tiwari Positively Highlights Crypterium’s CRPT Token, Calls for 700% Growth written by Bitcoinist @ May 15, 2020 Bitcoinist

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