[r/CryptoMarkets Daily Discussion] – 26/Jan/2018


[r/CryptoMarkets Daily Discussion] – 26/Jan/2018

Welcome to the /r/CryptoMarkets Daily Discussion thread. The thread guidelines are as follows: The thread guidelines are as follows: Discussion topics include, but are not limited to, events of the day, technical analysis, and minor questions. Breaking news or other important content should be submitted as a separate post. Cryptocurrency discussion not related to trading should be referred to the r/CryptoCurrency general discussion thread, see here. Follow the golden rule and be excellent to each other. Resources and Tools: Consider joining one of the r/CryptoMarkets chat groups, see here. If you are using RES, please click the subscribe button below to be notified when new comments are posted. To view live streaming comments for this thread, click here. Account permissions are required to post comments through Reddit-Stream.com. Thank you in advance for your participation. Enjoy! submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

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