Is PYGMY the Best Way to Track Your Crypto Assets?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts often claim that a day in crypto is like a week in the traditional stock market, while a month is like a year. Because the speed of the industry and market moves to fast, it’s important to properly keep track of your portfolio. 

We all like to have assets, but keeping track of them can be a pain — especially in the crypto-sphere. Thus, having the right tool to track your cryptocurrencies and crypto assets is absolutely crucial.

Failure to Deliver

Blockfolio is undoubtedly the most well-known cryptocurrency portfolio within the crypto community, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. In fact, one can easily make the case that Blockfolio has failed to deliver on its users’ expectations.

During the massive bull run at the end of last year, Blockfolio regularly failed to load and experienced many service outages — which potentially cost users profits by failing to deliver up-to-date price updates. The app is also not synced to some major cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance.

Google Play reviews are also less than favorable, with common complaints ranging from having to enter wallet addresses and portfolio changes from mining and trades manually to update flaws. Compounding issues is the app’s failure to properly address many of these user complaints.

So — there must be better options, right?

Get Down with the Orca

Only a couple of months ago, ORCA Alliance pre-released it’s traditionally orca-named portfolio tracking tool: PYGMY. The new tool has many inbuilt functions with the goal of providing a top-notch user experience.

First and foremost, PYGMY is entirely free of charge in its quest to solve the issues that plague the cryptocurrency tracking community.

Most notably, this tool aggregates data from the Top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges — allowing traders to maintain active accounts on several different cryptocurrency exchanges and gage their true exposure, all on one single screen.

Additionally, PYGMY doesn’t require manual updates like the vast majority of portfolio trackings apps. Instead, it constantly updates your crypto assets’ information and displays everything in real-time.

PYGMY uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to synch different accounts — allowing for the automatic update when users exchange assets or invest in new coins. Because of this, manually inputting trades are a thing of the past.

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Swimming Out to Ocean

PYGMY is just the start of ORCA’s plans — which aims to build a full-fledged platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts everywhere.

BlackFish, the second evolution of ORCA, will soon become available in digital marketplaces in the coming months. This iteration will allow users to initiate transactions for connected accounts directly through the ORCA dashboard, meaning users won’t need to log in to different exchanges everytime they want to make a trade.

ORCA’s long-term vision is to connect banks, convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies, allow for peer-to-peer lending, and offer insurance products — all in one app — by 2020.

What do you think about PYGMY and ORCA? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of ORCA Alliance, Shutterstock.

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