Pornhub’s 90 Million Daily Users Can Now Pay With TRON, ZenCash

Pornhub Accepts TRON And ZenCash, Giving Altcoins 90M Daily Users

Major adult entertain website Pornhub has announced it will accept TRON and ZenCash, adding to its cryptocurrency acceptance after beginning payments with Verge in April.

Pornhub: Crypto ‘More Anonymous’ Than Fiat

In a statement posted on ZenCash’s official blog on June 27, MindGeek, the group which owns Pornhub and thirteen other adult resources, confirmed the decision to accept ZenCash across its products.

Speaking on the decision to accept the cryptocurrency, Pornhub vice president Corey Price is quoted as saying:

Decentralized payment systems have continued to grow in popularity, and cryptocurrency adoption is exploding across a broad economic spectrum.

He also adds:

Today, cryptocurrencies are especially viable in the adult entertainment industry because they are privacy-centric and incorporate more anonymity tools than traditional tender.

The news also marks a second conspicuous move for TRON and founder Justin Sun, the latter having purchased BitTorrent for a reported $118 million.

The hook-up gives both TRON and ZenCash a giant new market, with Pornhub’s user base amounting to 90 million people per day. In total, MindGeek’s daily audience is over 115 million.

Pornhub: Crypto 'More Anonymous' Than Fiat

Which Cryptocurrency Next?

“The exposure to the digital entertainment industry provides an excellent use-case for ZenCash by giving individuals the ability to pay for digital entertainment privately without fear of exposure,” ZenCash cofounder Robert Viglione commented.

Pornhub’s original foray into the world of cryptocurrency got off to a shaky start with Verge. Known for its numerous recent hacks and periods of instability, the altcoin saw a further concerted effort to launch a 51% attack on its network following the deal, which allegedly resulted in Pornhub transactions being reversed.

MindGeek did not hint at which, if any, cryptocurrencies could be next on its acceptance list. Price highlighting “privacy-centric” coins could suggest that coins which champion that quality, such as Monero, could fall within MindGeek’s radar.

As Price notes:

…It’s important that we continue to expand our crypto payment options to align with our community’s growing payment preferences.

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