Po.et CEO steps down to return to the Washington Post


Jarrod Dicker has stepped down as CEO of po.et, the decentralised media economy platform, to become vice president of commercial technology and development at the Washington Post, the newspaper confirmed yesterday. Dicker, who spent less than a year as the executive, will be replaced by David Turner, currently Po.et’s head of product, and will retain an advisory role at the blockchain startup.

He previously worked at the paper leading its innovation group, Coindesk reported. Dicker’s work at the Washington Post will now encompass advertising, subscriptions and technology, working to help it continue to earn revenue from online news, and he will report to both the CIO and CRO.

“The Washington Post has been at the epicenter of innovation in the media business,” said Dicker in a medium blog post. “Now more than ever, revenue strategy needs to be at the core of every media company…The team at the Post will lead by example showing how to build a media business in this next era of publishing.”

As first reported by the Block, Po.et laid off five of its employees last month. The platform aims to reward content creator and establish a clearer path for monetization, as well as verifying the provenance of media posts using the bitcoin blockchain.

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