Plaak Is Pleased to Announce That Safex Will List Their Token on Our up and Coming Plaak Exchange.


Over the years, different means of digital exchanges have been evolving. While technologies built on a centralized foundation have not been able to stand the test of time, new technologies have deduced that the best types of digital exchanges can only be built on the decentralized system. Though various digital currencies are used for online transaction, some weigh higher than others.

Just in the past few months alone, the cryptocurrency industry has been noticing a serious relationship forming between Daniel Debek, Founder of SAFEX, and Chai Shepherd one of the Co-founders of PLAAK.

When Chai Shepherd, Co-founder of PLAAK was interviewed, he said: “The team realized the opportunity to bring SAFEX onboard will take the industry to another level.” PLAAK is expected to be listing the SAFEX coin on the PLAAK wallet exchange platform, which should provide confidence within the crypto community that PLAAK is here for the long term.

SAFEX is a decentralized marketplace that for the first time in history shifts the paradigm of trade towards crypto commerce. PLAAK’s vision continues to be steadfast in maintaining the most trusted, integrated, simple and secure ecosystem that makes digital assets less abstract in their potential for every-day use. The team at PLAAK continue to focus on reducing the authority of the corporate sectors who make decisions at the expense of their workers. With PLAAK, people can decide on what they want to do, their payment amount, as well as when they are available to work.

PLAAK is a platform that enables users to have control over their field of expertise, allowing them to make use of digital currencies to make online transactions and create an investment fund through the use of PLAAK investment funds app. PLAAK has been regarded as a revolutionary platform because of the various opportunities available in the one ecosystem. One change oriented advantage of PLAAK is its wallet. In the PLAAK ecosystem, the wallet gives users the opportunity to make use of multiple cryptocurrencies. So, based on the exchange rate, you can use a cryptocurrency that will produce a higher rate. In addition, every user of the community has a debit card that would enable them to spend their cryptocurrency at any time. While other wallets have the problem of turning digital currency into spendable currency, PLAAK does not suffer that issue.

Based on the rate of SAFEX advancement, and with the added opportunity of multiple uses of cryptocurrencies given by PLAAK, SAFEX will soon make PLAAK one of their exchange platforms. With this opportunity, PLAAK will be able to cater for all and improve the standard of living of people irrespective of their exchange coin.

According to the PLAAK Co-founders Chai Shepherd and Damian Robson “Our enhanced features will allow users to purchase and spend cryptocurrency just as if it were fiat money spent with an everyday debit card. The way the decentralized system works also means that there will be no third party monitoring transactions or collecting transaction fees. Hence, with the PLAAK system, SAFEX will be able to protect their ideology of a decentralized network while holders of SAFEX can make transactions smoothly and straightforwardly on PLAAK exchange platform.

With all that SAFEX intends to do, the PLAAK exchange serves as an excellent platform because of the issues PLAAK will be able to solve. In years to come, the plan is to continue bettering the lives of people through the PLAAK ecosystem, solving many issues in just one place.

Just like Daniel, now is the time to get involved with the change-oriented exchange platform that will be released soon.

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Press Release 16/02/18
Perth, Australia

Images courtesy of PLAAK

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