Why the PLAAK Exchange Is Different


Exchanges form the foundational platform for obtaining cryptocurrencies. These encrypted currencies are then used to make online purchases and transactions. In a world becoming increasingly digitalized, this form of currency is becoming highly popular.

Due to such a rise in demand for this form of digital asset, companies have clamored to capitalize on the growth by introducing numerous kinds of exchanges. Although this has provided users with options, it often leaves them confused and having to compromise on certain areas of exchanges as there is little to no effort by companies to tick all the boxes at their own expense.

PLAAK considers all factors of what makes an exchange great with the consumer in mind to resolve the deficiency of previous systems of cryptocurrency trading. The PLAAK exchange was not developed to be viewed as just another online exchange platform. Their exchange is different because it is a result of listening to what users want and combining it with industry coder specialists to ensure the platform can be used with ease and confidence.

PLAAK exchange provides a service that is easy to use without being frustratingly basic for more experienced traders. The PLAAK exchange includes user-friendly buy and sell actions, low fees, fiat capability, real-time price action, built-in indicators, trade history, multiple currencies and most importantly easy accessibility.

PLAAK implements competitively low fees as low as 1%, with a clear structure that does not confuse or take advantage of obscure details. To keep people new to the crypto industry included, there is also the ability to use fiat money to make purchases. Fiat capability cuts through the complication of trying to find a way to buy tokens with tokens when first starting out, and gives control to the user immediately from the start.

Real-time price action and indicators also provide the tools for traders to more seriously examine and decipher price movements to make transaction decisions that benefit them best.
Trade history is also made public to maintain transparency, making monitoring fraud easier.

Understanding that digital exchanges run 24/7, PLAAK looks after its users by providing support around the clock. The exchange itself runs continuously so that users can have access at all times, wherever they may be.

While the internet is generally open to hostility such as cases of fraud and asset loss, the PLAAK exchange platform was developed with decentralized codes that secure all forms of transactions. The general ecosystem is secure with the incorporation of the highest level of KYC as well as being backed by a wildcard SSL certificate and having AWS Amazon Web Servers. At the discretion of a user, the activation of a 2factor authorization security code can be used for an extra level of security.

The availability of KYC enables the server to automatically verify the identity of users coming into the ecosystem to prevent fraudulent activity from the outset. Without verification, no exchange is allowed. PLAAK uses a high caliber of technology to ensure that all exchanges are safe whilst maintaining simplicity for users.

PLAAK exhibits a high level of consideration towards its users, enforcing their vision of a digital community ecosystem. Their exchange will connect to a myriad of other features enabling a user to make purchases, other transactions and securely store their digital assets. PLAAK is creating a platform to make the transition to digital assets more seamless and less convoluted. PLAAK looks at giving power back to everyday people so that big companies are not the only ones benefitting from the growing market. PLAAK empowers people and continues striving towards creating and employing more features as well as updates in line with user needs and wants.

For more information about PLAAK please visit their website at plaak.com.

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