Paycent Unionpay crypto card – a viable option for non-EU/US residents

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Paycent have released their “Ruby” card to their users, and it’s a great addition to the crypto debit cards that work in 2018 list. Let’s review main pros and cons of the card in this post.

Paycent Pros:

  • The card works – considering the recent events that already is an advantage.
  • The card offers higher spending limits than most other prepaid crypto cards. The balance of the card can be $50K at once, the daily ATM withdrawal limit is $2500. The rest of the fees and limits are here.

Paycent Cons:

  • The card is pricey – you need to pay $140 for card issuance and activation. Good thing courier delivery is included.
  • It’s a Unionpay card, not a MasterCard or a Visa. As a result the card may not be available for use in every country of the world.

Who Paycent crypto debit card is good for

Despite not being a MasterCard or a Visa, the Paycent cards are very valuable for residents of non-EU or US countries. While EU residents have Wirex which is the best UK/EU crypto card, US residents have Shift card from Coinbase and BitPay, people living in the rest of the world have very limited options, most using workarounds (like sending BTC to Skrill or similar services).

In this sense Paycent uses an amazing MasterCard/VISA alternative that has different policies, which is always great for asset diversification.

Paycent gives another way to spend cryptocurrencies for ATM withdrawals and POS purchases for non EU/US residents, since it ships worldwide. The Unionpay card you get from them will work in the following countries:

Asia: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Brunei, Maldives, Pakistan, SriLanka, Bengal, UAE, Afghanistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq;

Europe: France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Turkey, Russia, Monaco, San Marino, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar

America : USA , Canada , Mexico , Brazil , Venezuela , Argentina , Columbia, Uruguay , French Martinique

Africa: South Africa, Egypt, Djibouti, Congo (K), Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Zambia, Mauritius, Gambia, Ghana,  Mali, Benin, Senegal, Niger, Togo, Cote d’ivoire

The list is not complete, see full list here.

Try the Unionpay ATM locator too

If you are “unbanked” by the more conventional BTC debit card providers, check Paycent and it might be your option for spending crypto.

Here’s how to order your Paycent card from the app:

get the iOS app

get the Android app

  1. Alex says

    Thanks for creating such an informative site regarding the new and still undiscovered field of crypto debit cards! However, I have a question about the plethora of those crypto debit cards that arise here and there, which – however – require an android/apple phone to function. I stubbornly refuse to buy such a phone and become a hostage of Google and Apple for reasons that only now begin to unveil. Question is, why a web wallet is not offered? For example Tenx used to offer a web wallet but since last spring it revoked that option from its clients. Is it perhaps that costly to maintain? Maybe terribly hard to manage? My curiosity begs me to ask you, why – in your opinion – the web wallet option is slowly disappearing from crypto debit card sites and even from most other popular applications? I would truly be grateful for any reply on that matter. Thank you for your hospitality. Best of luck and blessings for the further expansion of your valuable work!

    1. Staff says

      Not really sure, Wirex and Spectrocoin have web wallets, I use those. Which provider has an app wallet and no web wallet?

      1. Alex says

        Tenx, Paycent, (now coinomi, wallet (not a card provider), and a couple of others I once noticed which unfortunately I currently can’t recall, I think however one of them was based in Spain. Sorry for not being as helpful as I wished.

        1. Alex says

          either android, either apple, either nothing

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