How Being a Part of the AirPod Ecosystem Can Actually Make You Money


AirPod offers many benefits.  It’s a safe and secure escape away from the noise and bustle of their airport, as well as being a space to relax and rejuvenate while you’re waiting for that delayed flight.  The platform itself also offers its members different ways to be a part of its profits and success.

AirPod offers a unique ecosystem which helps make it one of the most profitable and stable business opportunities out there.  A big part of this is the platform’s native currency, the APOD token.  As the medium of exchange, its main function is to be used as payment for using the AirPod capsule.  Token holders will actually be saving money as a discount is applied when using the APOD as opposed to fiat currencies.

The Token That Keeps on Giving

Each fiat payment that AirPod receives is split into two: 50% goes towards covering company costs while the remaining 50% is allocated to buying tokens on the exchange.  The platform buys these tokens at the lowest market price and puts them back into the exchange as sell orders, or sell walls, to the value of $2.

When more money comes into the ecosystem, more AirPod capsules will be manufactured and distributed, and the cycle will continue.  When these tokens are placed back on the exchange at a higher price, it will subsequently increase the price and value of an APOD token.

Another Chance to Make a Profit

After its first year, or after the 400thAirPod is installed in an international airport, the second phase, or Sponsorship Program, will be launched.  This phase will allow ICO investors to exchange their tokens for the right to participate in profits generated from an AirPod unit.  Each participant can essentially become a sponsor of a particular AirPod unit and can earn up to 80% of that unit’s profits every single month.

Blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts will enable complete transparency and an available overview of the unit’s business.  Sponsorship participants will also be able to invest in future deals of a particular AirPod unit and even trade them with other participants.

To use an example, let’s say that Mark bought APOD tokens during the crowdsale.  After one year, he is able to exchange a specific amount of those APOD tokens, at market price, for up to 80% of the profits from generated from an existing AirPod unit or units.  His return on investment will pay out in one year, maximum.  After that time, Mark will enjoy the profits from his chosen AirPod(s) for an indefinite period of time.

AirPod Also Offers a Passive Crypto-Income Opportunity

The last stage of the platform’s project development process is its Partnership Program.  AirPod wants to create a global network of partners where everyone who is able, can be a part of their profitable business model.

Potential partners will be able to propose a suitable space as the next AirPod location.  If approved, the platform will offer 100% support by sending the unit directly to the new location.  Partners will then receive a passive income from profits generated from this unit.

Let’s use Mark in this example again.  Mark owns an empty space in London.  He decides to invest in AirPods and enters into the platform’s Partnership Program.  After submitting all the required information, he receives approval from the AirPod team and the AirPod unit is shipped to this proposed location.  Mark will receive a percentage of the profits generated by his AirPod units, which provides him with a profitable and stable passive income on a monthly basis.

More Than Just a Luxurious Pod

As you can see, these units offer so much more than a place to relax.  The platform tries to be all-inclusive when it comes to presenting profit-sharing opportunities to interested parties by giving them no less than three chances to be a part of their success.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can be a part of the AirPod ecosystem, visit their website.  You can also check out their ICO information or have a look at their whitepaper.

What do you think about AirPod’s profit-sharing options?  Let us know in the comments below!

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