Parity progresses with $5 million grant from Ethereum Foundation 

Parity Technologies has received a $5 million grant from The Ethereum Foundation – its largest award to date. The first portion of the grant has already been awarded, while the second tranche will be dependent on reaching a series of technical milestones.

Peter Mauric, Parity’s Head of Public Affairs, told The Block that the size of the grant demonstrated the Foundation’s “utmost trust” in Parity’s commitment to building the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain called Serenity (a more scalable, secure version of the original). He said the firm was confident the new funds would “go a fairly long way” given the learning that occurred while building its Substrate framework, which will allow developers to “focus on the Ethereum 2.0 specification rather than building the client from scratch”.

Parity, which used to host crypto wallets, made headlines in 2017 after a bugged-hack resulted in 500k ether tokens being frozen. However, Parity clarified that while it would continue to work towards recovering its users’ stuck funds, it would only use its own capital to do so.

“Parity does not have stuck funds resulting from the Devops199 hack, but we’re committed to working with the community to finding a solution that will allow these 600 Ethereum users and development teams to regain access to their property,” said Mauric. 

Parity will now focus its resources about equally between its Ethereum work and building the Polkadot protocol, which it has been commissioned to do by the Web3 Foundation. 


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Parity progresses with $5 million grant from Ethereum Foundation  written by Isabel Woodford @ January 9, 2019 Isabel Woodford

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