Ontology [ONT] Strikes Two New Deals to Strengthen its Ecosystem


Just a few days after its mainnet launch, Ontology has secured two new partnerships with China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) and one of China’s leading credit technology service provider CCX Credit Technology to enhance its trust ecosystem.

Ontology working with CCX

Among the top 25 cryptocurrencies in the world, Ontology (ONT) is the one that wasn’t launched with a usual Initial Coin Offering (ICO) rather through an airdrop. Just recently, Ontology celebrated its mainnet launch and is going through its token swap. Amidst all these developments, Ontology has credited two new partnerships to its name.

Today, Ontology announced its deep cooperation with CCX Credit Technology company in enterprise credit investigation and China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA).

A public multi-chain project, Ontology has joined CCX which is one of the leading credit technology service provider of China with over two decades of experience. With this cooperation, CCX will now provide enterprise investigation for Ontology’s ecosystem to further enhance its reliability.

Ontology’s founder Li Jun shared his thoughts on this partnership with,

“This cooperation with CCX will have a positive and far-reaching effect on Ontology building a more comprehensive distributed trust ecosystem. For more than a decade, CCX has been using more and more data dimensions in credit investigation and continuously applying more means of production to perform credit assessment, risk management, and big data risk control extension services. I look forward to our cooperation in more credit investigative fields”.

By integrating the real economy and digital world, the trust system will help in achieving comprehensive verification and authentication while providing a better service experience to the users.

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Ontology joins hands with CFCA

The cooperation with China Financial Certification authority will help in creating a strong trust ecosystem through CFCA’s identity authentication services.

Talking about the potential of this partnership, Jun commented,

“Ontology is honoured to cooperate with CFCA to ensure the further implementation of blockchain technology in real business scenarios. Ontology will continue to put efforts in creating a more comprehensive distributed trust ecosystem through using CFCA’s reliable identity authentication service.”

CFCA will provide multi-factor data-based network identity authentication to strengthen the Ontology ecosystem.

At the time of writing, Ontology (ONT) has been at $5.15 while being up by 0.16 percent as per Coinmarketcap. Currently ranked at 23rd rank, this $778 million market cap cryptocurrency is taking progressive steps towards building a secure ecosystem.

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