Ontology Enters Gaming Industry with Partnership with Cocos


Ontology has announced its partnership with Cocos, a one-stop mobile game development solution platform. Both parties will deploy resources to co-build a gaming developer ecosystem and support gaming access experience on the Ontology main chain.

Two combine forces to change the gaming industry

Cocos has 1.1 million registered developers around the globe and 300,000 monthly active developers across 200 countries and regions. Games developed on the Cocos engine cover all game types on the market, which accounts for 30% of global market shares and 45% of Chinese market shares. It’s the world’s first mobile game engine.

Building the connecting bridge between the real economy and distributed digital systems is part of Ontology’s core strategy. And this partnership is in line with this. Cocos plans to work with Ontology on the research and development of blockchain applications. Cocos will provide technical services to build an application and development platform for blockchain applications, deploy operating environments for blockchain games, and support a more complete gaming experience with operating efficiency.

With Ontology’s chain network, Cocos and Ontology will co-build the distributed trust ecosystem in the gaming industry.

Cocos introduces game content and developers to Ontology’s ecosystem and provides support to Ontology’s technologies Both parties will cooperate in depth on product and technology promotion, information sharing, ecosystem and community construction, and other areas. Cocos will provide tokens for the Ontology Foundation, and promote products, technology, and services to Ontology verified game players/developers via user airdrops. Both parties will also cooperate on brand and community marketing on a global scale.

Cocos has been dedicated to monetizing content in the digital world, with an idea that content producers can create a consistent value system with consumers. Cocos-BCX, its decentralized application and production, management, and transaction platform for digital assets, strives to provide game developers with ease of use and complete blockchain gaming infrastructure, including a visual development suite and chain ecosystem.

Ontology’s high performance, customizable blockchain framework can effectively achieve modularized and customizable support for Cocos service chains, to enable developers to complete blockchain game development and applications efficiently and quickly.

Cocos-BCX Principal CHEN Haozhi was quoted saying,

“Cocos’s vision is to monetize the digital world’s content, where content producers can build a consistent value system with content consumers. We hope to keep data and rules transparent and have an open, just, and fair environment for game players and developers to ensure their assets can be preserved in a safe, decentralized, and long-term manner. We believe Ontology’s rich experience in the blockchain industry can provide strong support to us and help Cocos to realize its vision”.

LI Jun, Founder of Ontology, also shared his views on the partnership. He was quoted saying that,

“The cooperation with Cocos represents an extension of Ontology in real game scenarios. The digital assets economy model carried by blockchain technology can help developers and players achieve high convergence of interest and provide convenient and decentralized distribution channels.

Ontology will work with Cocos to build a more complete gaming infrastructure, improve development efficiency of game developers, make sure that game players’ assets are effectively guaranteed, and create a mutually beneficial situation and new developer ecosystem in the game industry”.

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Ontology growing its strength by partnerships

Ontology has been strengthening its position via partnerships. This has allowed that project to work with various leading technologies and sectors giving it the right exposure to real mainstream businesses. It is also helping the project to keep up with its roadmap.

During this month Ontology partnered with DAD (Decentralized Advertising)  to work on blockchain digital advertising platform, Contentos to collaborate on Public Blockchain Solutions for Content. It has also stepped in the Automobile industry with CarBlock Partnership. It also has a partnership with PTS to built a Blockchain-Based Credit Data Exchange and Financial Services to Empower Real Economy.

On the Intelligent Hardware and IoT Technology, Ontology has partnered with COT (Chain of Things). In early May, Ontology and NAGA (review) partnered to bring the Ontology infrastructure to the massive financial technology markets.

Ontology is actually placing in a foot in the industry with right partners and sharing the onus of its growth on them as well. Looks like they have found the express route to growth.

Is partnership the way to grow in the Crypto Industry? Is Ontology trying to take too much in its hand to deliver? Do let us know your views on the same 

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