Ontology [ONT] Partners with Contentos to Bring Content Industry on Blockchain


With a vision to share business acumen and expertise, research related to blockchain, applications and community building, Ontology, new high-performance public multi-chain project, has joined hands with Contentos, which aims to apply blockchain technology in the content industry. With this partnership Ontology Global Capital will invest in Contentos, helping it use blockchain to reshape the content industry.

Blockchain to content industry- the need of an hour

Online content creation has picked up in the past decade especially after the launch of social media and networking platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As most of these platforms provide free posting of content, their major source of revenues turns out to be from advertisers. The way this is channelled is all these monies move directly from advertisers to these social media platform companies. The content creator doesn’t have the share of these revenues unless a special agreement is in place with these companies, which only a few are able to grab.

That’s is the reason this industry is one of those that requires Decentralization and blockchain. Blockchain and decentralisation can give content creators safety from plagiarism and piracy and also provide the much-needed transparency on how their unique content, which is recorded on blockchain, is impacting the brands and social network platforms and get remunerated accordingly.

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Partnership opening doors to a variety of solutions

Ontology, by vision mission and aim, provides a system of trust which connects the physical world and the digital world providing users with better service experiences while Contentos aims to build the world’s broadest digital content public chain, enabling the complete value chain of content, from production to distribution, returning value and power to users. The collaboration between Ontology and Contentos is a step in the right direction for digital content. Both companies work with an open-minded and forwarded-thinking ethos which is very much required for a successful partnership as they aim to build a new global decentralized digital content ecosystem, combining distributed infrastructure with video applications and people. This would also enable both parties to bring better cooperation, trust, and efficiency through improved user experience.

Speaking on the partnership Jun Li, Founder of Ontology, said

“Cross-border integration is an important trend for the future of blockchain. Our cooperation with Contentos is in line with Ontology’s real economy strategy and will develop Ontology’s standing in the distributed digital content industry. We look forward to building the distributed trust ecosystem with Contentos”.

The same sentiment was shared by Contentos Co-Founder Mick Tsai as well as he was quoted

“Contentos and Ontology’s open mindset allows for sincere cooperation. Through our respective experiences and advantages, we can develop better technology, applications, and communities. As the world’s leading content chain, Contentos will continue to cooperate with outstanding projects globally for the development of blockchain technology”.

Will this collaboration blockchain make a difference to the content industry or will platforms find a way around it? Do let us know your views


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