Ontology [ONT] Announces Partnership with [DAD] “Digital Advertising Platform”


Ontology has announced its strategic partnership with blockchain digital advertising platform DAD (Decentralized Advertising). Both sides aim to co-build a blockchain-based internet advertisement platform to create a new advertising trust system.

Creating a new Blockchain advertising ecosystem

Ontology’s public chain basic services, high-performance customizable blockchain framework, smart contract tool SmartX, and other technologies will be intensely unified with the DAD advertising platform. This will work towards enhancing mutual trust amongst advertisers, online traffic, and users.

Simultaneously, Ontology scenarios such as human and object multi-factor identification and authentication, as well as distributed data collaboration and exchange, can create comprehensive personal profiles, drive the improvement of precise injecting and be targeting technology, and enable advertising information to reach people who really need it.

This would result in additional onboarding of data making transactions more transparent, increase users’ sharing revenue, and ensure fair and reasonable advertising transactions.

DAD (Decentralized Advertising) is a new generation blockchain digital advertising platform. Since 2013, DAD has collected 500 million users in 194 countries and regions across the globe, with daily advertising imprints reaching a billion. They have serviced more than 110,000 advertisers, including Baidu, Alibaba, Meitu, 360, Uber, Toutiao, Huobi, OKEx, Cobo Wallet, and more.

Voices from both sides sounded excitement  DAD founder Steven said

“DAD and Ontology’s cooperation is a win-win pioneering undertaking. Through sincere cooperation, I believe we will both make considerable progress in application implementation, community building, and ecosystem development. DAD has been devoted to the digital advertising industry since 2013. It will cooperate with more high-quality enterprises to create a brand new blockchain digital advertising platform for users, advertisers, and online traffic”.

While  Jun Li from Ontology

“Nowadays, the digital advertising industry is facing the lack of trust amongst participants, therefore, the demands for highly-effective advertising algorithms, strong anti-cheat systems, distributed ledgers, and data onboarding are pressing. The technologies that Ontology provide will effectively facilitate solutions to these pain points and boost the digital advertising industry with more efficiency and convenience; at the same time, this cooperation is a broader extension of Ontology’s real economic strategy. We look forward to shaping a new blockchain internet ecosystem with DAD”.

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Ontology on partnership spree

Ontology has been on a partnership spree which is allowing to work with various leading technologies and sectors. This is giving the project a chance to well define its future bringing it closer to its aim of going mainstream in a much effective manner.

During this month Ontology partnered with Contentos to Collaborate on Public Blockchain Solutions for Content. It has put its foot in the Automobile industry with CarBlock Partnership. It also has a partnership with PTS to built a Blockchain-Based Credit Data Exchange and Financial Services to Empower Real Economy. On the Intelligent Hardware and IoT Technology, Ontology has partnered with COT (Chain of Things). In early May, Ontology and NAGA partnered to bring the Ontology infrastructure to the massive financial technology markets.

Ontology is progressing at a great pace and every partner is adding value and giving Ontology a chance to test and create blockchain in various industries. Not just Ontology, the partners are also getting a great opportunity to work and grow in the Ontology ecosystem which is a win-win situation for both.

Is partnership the way to grow in the Crypto Industry? Is Ontology trying to take too much in its hand to deliver? Do let us know your views on the same   

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