OmiseGo (OMG) Partners with Ethereum’s First-Ever Mobile OS, Status


The first mobile Ethereum client, Status that has been built on peer-to-peer technologies has joined hands with the world’s 20th largest cryptocurrency OmiseGo to integrate OMG’s decentralized exchange within Status.

Integrating OMG’s DEX into Status

The mobile Ethereum client, Status has partnered up with OmiseGo (OMG) as announced on its official medium channel,

“we are proud to announce our partnership with OmiseGO — one of the leaders in interoperability, on chain and cross chain transactions, and Plasma scalability research.”

Having previously worked with the founder and CEO of OmiseGO, Jun Hasegawa and recently coming together for Ethereum Community Fund which is an infrastructure grant program that supports in “building crucial open-source infrastructure, tooling, and applications”, Status and OmiseGo share a bond already.

Both the projects are working towards making the world a “more open and equitable place” by providing an easy access to the Ethereum public blockchain. OmiseGo and Status surely fit together as so eloquently put by the team, “while OmiseGO focuses on building open infrastructure and open financial tools, Status focuses on putting these tools into the hands and pockets of people.”

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Marching towards decentralization

The goal is to lead a shift towards cryptocurrency, its adoption, and a viable global economy.

Jun Hasegawa explained,

“The mission of OMG is to put the capabilities of crypto to work for the needs of the real world; Status brings great value to the OMG Network with a multifaceted user-facing platform leveraging OMG’s back-end infrastructure.”

He further commented,

“This partnership is a step forward for our respective projects, the community and the blockchain industry.”

The status will basically work with OmiseGo for the seamless integration of OMG’s decentralized exchange (DEX). Moreover, this collaboration will also delve into scalability research and even work on the advancement of the web3 ecosystem.

OmiseGo’s DEX is a secure and scalable POS network that will enable the interoperability for off-chain as well as on-chain transactions. With the release of the decentralized exchange looming, Status is working on the integration and optimization of OMG’s DEX within Status.

As put by Status, “we foresee the partnership with OmiseGO as another step in the right direction towards decentralization”, both Status and OmiseGo are progressing towards a better and advanced decentralized economy as well.

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Written by Partyush Goyal @ July 6, 2018 Partyush Goyal

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